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  1. Hi

    Nice work with the last episode.

    However only mods were featured... :(

    Could we please have more hacks in the next episode?

    eg; Using some [or all] of the hacks/mods I suggested within your next episode?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. What was it about 518 that you liked so much? You said we deviated, but from what? We cover a broad spectrum of stuff, mainly what we're into that week in RL, but I'd like to know what it was about 518 that made it so good for you. We would love to hit a home run every week :)
    me too!!
    WOOT! - Two Administrators/'actors'[is that the right word, as you are in the field?] replied to my topic!!!!

    Thanks for asking my advice/opinion.

    In previous episodes you'd need to pay a lot of money to get a specialised piece of hardware [eg Fon] or you'd just start talking about something completely unrelated to hacking, [even though FreeNAS is this, I still enjoyed the ep], also, that stuff about Kon-Boot was excellent.

    Would be interested in seeing which BIOS hacking tools you'd use;

    I'd probably just take out the battery then replace it, but in the past I have been able to wipe the Flash... or use a generic password.

    I know Hiren's has some BIOS cracking utilities... not much help if you can't boot from it. I've tried 'installing' some of them, to no avail :unsure:

    Some ideas for upcoming episodes;

    - Cover LiveCD creation

    - Linux

    - Windows

    - Mac

    - Tell use how to 'install WinPcap from a BootCD'

    - If you need help on how to do this, just ask

    - Cover BIOS hacking utilities; and other ways to get around the password [eg BootLoader]

    - Teach us the Phreak! [how to phreak]

    - How to write our own exploits

    I'll give you more ideas later, I've got to go to work now.

    Thanks once again for a great episode,


  3. Hi

    I've been following this show for a while now...

    Saw pretty much the whole of season 3, and about 5 eps of season 4. Also watched some season 2 & 1, but not much.

    Might've seen 1 episode of season 5... but apart from that, I've pretty much stayed away from Hak5... merely because it was no longer interesting, the project had deviated too far from what I was interested in.

    Now, I've downloaded the latest [XviD] episode, and WOW.

    Truly guys, I just have to say this, "Excellent work"!

    <_< Now I gotta download the rest of Season 5 :lol:

    Keep up the great work guys ;)


  4. Well it finally finished downloading, so let's hope it's decent!

    There are some pretty reliable rumours that we're getting Fibre to the home... which would be awesome, considering what I'm getting at the moment.

    I'm afraid to travel overseas, on fear that I'll never want to leave :lol:

  5. There's a crucial question here which does not have anything to do with download accelerators or anything of the sort... What is your connection speed? I'm assuming you're not still using a 14.000 bps modem (ah memories... :)) You might consider looking into whether your ISP is blocking (QOS) some traffic from going through or something similar. Is the download speed the same regardless of the server?

    Anyway, cheers!

    256kb/s (at most)

    I'm on ADSL2+ and very close to the exchange, so I should be getting a lot better.

    digip: EPIC FAIL

  6. Hello

    For the past few weeks I've been working on a Maintenance Program, (well more of a Batch converted to C++, as all it does is launch programs), which;

    - Opens up Scheduled Tasks (so I can check Last Run Time and Last Result)

    - Opens Disk Management (so I can check software RAID health [Windows RAID1])

    - Opens network share where backups are copied to (.bkf from ntbackup) so I can check if the backups are cataloged (and it's size)

    - Open System Properties, so I can check RAM size

    Does anyone know of a program which can checks some, or all, of the above tasks, for me?

    Preferably one that shows everything in one window (one program) or tabs.

    If you know of one, please suggest!

    Thanks in advance,


    BTW: OS=Windows Server 2003

  7. Check the jailbreak catalog.

    Although I'm still unsure what you mean by security tools. If it's what I'm thinking of, Netbook or Windows Mobile handset might almost work better. I don't really have enough details from you.

    By security tools, I'm talking about the kind of penetration testing tools/features that you would find in a distribution such as BackTrack or my one.

    I'm especially interested in tools that can 'hack' wireless networks (such as aircrack, though the iPhone/iPod Touch doesn't have a compatible wireless card).


  8. Hi

    After reading about the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and finding that they both use the iPhone OS, I have pretty much decided to get the iPod Touch.

    But before I use any of my money to buy some hardware that I will primarily use for security related ventures, I would first like to know what security orientated tools are available for the iPhone OS platform.

    After doing a little bit of research, I have found 2, them being NMap and Metasploit.

    Also found aircrack, but seems a bit useless since airodump-ng can't be used with it [yet].

    Does anyone know of any other security related tools for the iPhone/iPod Touch?

    If so, please tell me/us of them.

    Thanks in advance,


  9. ^Awesome, good on ya!

    After reading the wikipedia article, my decision remains unchanged. In fact, I'm even more firmly into the idea of getting an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone.

    Mostly because of them both using the same OS.

    Well I'll be starting a new topic for the discussion of security applications for iPhone/iPod Touch.


  10. Yes, You are right.All the iPhone apps should work with the iPod Touch.The only apps that won't work are the ones which use the phone feature.

    and GPS.

    Hmm... thanks.


    Developers can specifiy if they want it to work only on one platform. There are some that work only in the 3G for example. Many apps that use microphones will not work, as they haven't been updated to reflect the changes to Apple's new in ear headphones. Location specific apps like Loopt also do not work. Of course, anything that requires the phone wouldn't work.

    You could buy some black generic headphones with a headset and use that. This way, you wouldn't have to pull it out. Everyone will think you're talking to yourself, which in turn will keep the baddies away. If you're not on AT&T already, and are more or less pleased with your current carrier, there is no reason to switch.

    Hope that helps.

    Well I don't use my phone all to much, and if I were to have a headset... well that would defeat the whole purpose of having an iPhone :rolleyes:.

    On a strictly security tools basis, do you think it will matter if I get an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone?

    Oh, and your comment on AT&T has no impact on me, since I don't live in the US. (in fact I've never been to America!)

    So thanks for all your replies, please just answer my most recent question.

    Thanks in advance,


  11. Hi

    Well I have a little predicament.

    Where I study, in the city, isn't the safest place to carry an iPhone around. As every time someone calls me, I'll have to take out an expensive item... :unsure:.

    So I was thinking that I should get an iPod Touch instead.

    So my question to this forum, is as follows;

    Will all iPhone applications [specifically security related ones] work on the iPod Touch?

    As far as I know, the only differences between them is that the iPhone has the phone feature! (also that the iPod Touch is thinner and lighter).

    Please reply!

    Thanks in advance,


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