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  1. I can not stress how much of a disappointed this device is, considering all the hype and backing it gets. It's just flaky/buggy putting it mildly. I normally use my Raspberry Pi 4 (as a stand alone) for network recon etc.. , but decided (due to the hype) to purchase/try a Pineapple, as the web interface looked like a good feature. The thing has been a nightmare since I received it, to the point I started questioning myself (until I came here). I have had/still have problems connecting it to the internet (via wifi), It fails to kick people off the AP, I cant get any modules (due to internet connection). I can't even turn off the AP broadcasting (without using the terminal, and causing a bunch more problems) . The management AP is meant to be hidden, but my other devices can see it!! I have no intension of purchasing a usb-c to Ethernet (or any other hak5 devices) to try it that way as it should work as advertised. I just about manage to update the firmware to 1.0.2 . I am all for helping out fellow pen testers, developer etc . However I paid for this device (lets not forget that) and expect it to do what was advertised, so far my Raspberry Pi setup is miles ahead of this device. I feel disappointed as I spent x2 more for this device and its just a sour Pineapple! Hopefully one day you'll sort it out! I must admit I am a hak5 supporter/fan, love your energy, but for now back to my Pi.
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