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  1. I've got a crappy little mp3 player from Walmart that runs off one AAA battery. I use it primarily for listening to podcasts while i drive, since it shows up like a regular usb thumbdrive in Linux (i'd have to reboot into windows to put podcasts on the zune). The only problem I have with it is that the only way to power it is off the one battery. It doesn't have any sort of power adapter available and its a pain to keep recharging the AAA battery to keep it going. I'm thinking of a way to us the power from my car's battery to charge the unit. I have a power adapter in the car that powers usb devices (it measures at 5.2v w/ my multimeter). I figure I could just splice up a usb cable, and connect the ends of the cable to the + and - ends of the player to power it. Of course I'm sure I'd need some sort of resistors or something so I dont fry the mp3 player. Heres a drawing to clear it up a bit. http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/5706/mp3bg0.gif[/img] I have a few questions 1) Would this even work or is this completely stupid? 2) I measured the voltage of a AAA battery with my multimeter to get the 1.25v. Would this number be accurate for the mp3 player or could it somehow draw more or less? 3) Assuming my numbers are correct, what kind of resistors would be needed to bring the 5.2v down to 1.25v? As you can see I dont know too much about these types of projects, so any help you could give me would be very helpful.
  2. I've recently been playing around with a program called "Remastersys" on Ubuntu. You run it and it basically spits out an iso backup of your entire system that can be used for reinstalls. I have a torrentflux server here running Zenwalk (based on slackware). Im new to the whole slackware way of doing things, and tend to mess things up quite a bit if I'm not careful. So does anyone know of a backup program similar to Remastersys that will work under Zenwalk/Slackware?
  3. I think you could use that one cable and have both USB and cat5 ends on it..... USB only uses 4 of the 8 cables, and you could use the other 4 for networking. USB/Cat5 ends==================USB/Cat5 Ends (usb device & router) (computer)
  4. exactly, I guess my description was a bit fuzzy....
  5. I just finished testing my USB/Cat5 cable and its working well. I have my printer in a closet about 70 ft away, and I really haven't noticed a slow down with printing at all. As long as my soldering holds, I think its gonna work out fine. Just saved myself $50 :-)
  6. I've been looking into ways to extend my printer's USB cable and I came across something called a "Cat5 USB extender". It takes your USB connection and sends it across an ethernet cable to extend your range (website says up to 150ft). Only downside is that these little things run well over $50, and I just cant swing that for a USB extender. Is there anyway I could just rig something like this up myself with a USB A to B cable and a Cat 5? I was thinking about cutting a short USB printer cable in half, stripping the ends, and soldering them on two sides of a Cat 5. Basically the extender with out the pretty adapters. . . . . . . . Any ideas?
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