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  1. Anyone able to get the FreeDOOM working that was shown in the latest Hak5 episode??? I follwed the url and was able to download and install the FreeDOOM, but it is complaining about missing iWAD and wont run without it. FreeDoom was suppose to have a free open source iWAD available, but it is nowhere to be found. Anyone have the link to the iWAD or a (Legal) iWAD for download? Thanks, Dave
  2. Hey, I noticed that the HAK.5 Team seems to be losing some ground in regards to past WU production. I am trying to turn HAK.5 around from a trend of inactivity that would cause the team to lose ground in ranks. I have 22 computers ranging from P3 to P4 flavor systems crunching (folding) 24/7. The P3 systems take about 3 to 4 days each to complete a work unit and the P4 systems can crank out about 1 per day to 1 per day and a half. BUT, when a training room is no longer needed for intercompany training, I will have to shut down ( 8 of 22 ) of my better performance systems and my productio
  3. Thanks for the info .... Neat that more than one instamce is possible as rpimonitrbtch states, and interrestin that 50% is actualy 100%, so there would be no benefit I guess to trying to run 2 or more instances, since it would really mean that it could casue work units to take 2 or more times longer to complete. Dave
  4. Hey, I am running FAH on about 20 systems, mostly P4 and P3 systems, and I noticed that with the P4 HT systems, they only max out at 50% CPU utilization per Thread. So i am trying to find a way to get the CPU to 100% for both the core and virtual HT core. When setting the priority of the service to Realtime in task management under Windows XP Pro, it sets the HT (virual core) to 0 to 10% activity, and pegs the primary core to 100% for the P4 2.8 Ghz HT CPU, when setting it back one setting to Highest priority before realtime priority, I get 50% utilization on the primary core and the
  5. This may sound crazy, but, below is all the systems I have FAH Running on and posting contributions to 51258. I created a excel spreadsheet to track how fast each system can on average fold(crunch) the data. Just put this together and still adding to the time it takes for each system on average to complete 1% of each work unit, and each work unit etc. Data is be contributed to Hak5 through FAH Contributor DaveLembke .... Hopefully all these systems will bring Hak5 closer to #1 from its current #266 BTW: The Pentium 3 systems take about 6 or 7 days per work unit to complete, and the Celeron
  6. Cool... I am going to have to try these methods on one of the many ""Personal"" systems Currently have used Live Linux Tools to change the admin password for 2000 and XP, and then I am in in about 3 minutes or so. Great for users who lock themselves out of their own systems .. ha ha
  7. Hey, Between two sites, I have a Linksys Wireless AP with latest flash (patches) and Bridge, and the antenna's are stuck in a hole in the bottom of the coffee cans to concentrate the wireless radio waves in a linear controlled direction in which the cans are a distance appart of about 100 feet and on the roofs of both buildings pointed directly at each other by use of a laser pointer to align. I am using the most secure method of wireless with WPA and No SSID Broadcast, and of course changed the password from its default. The cans work pretty good at focussing the signal between sites a
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