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  1. Apologies, figured it out within the minute of writing the last post. Turns out whilst I've been slacking, somewhere along the lines I spanked my greasemonkey, and it stopped working :? What a boob.
  2. I stopped using Pandora's jar for a while (Only very briefly mind :D) and now I've started again, the whole interface wont load. All that appears when I load the jar is something along the lines of "Download the latest version of flash player" (Or whatever it says, memory of a fish). Is there any reason why this would happen? I checked the flash player and its still on 8, and I'm still using firefox to open it so I'm stumped tbh.
  3. Ah bugga.. I was hoping it was more of a software solution.. Im just gonna have to get as many mates as i can dl'ing off my radio :-D Thanks anyway
  4. I'm using Pandora's jar at the moment and I have been scanning through all of the files to see if there is any way of opening more than one window, so that I can in effect download more than 1 song at a time. The problem is that all windows open seem to mix and only download 1 song. . . Is there any way of doing this? Thanks :-)
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