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  1. xp pro.. i checked %TEMP% and found theres a few plugtmp dir's. "plugtmp" shows nothing in the dir. "plugtmp-1" has GlobalAudioSwitch.swf in it.. "plugtmp-2" shows nothing in the dir. "plugtmp-3" shows nothing in the dir. :cry: "server has almost reached bandwidth max can anyone else host? cheers...." Sure, i can spare a few hundred gigs of bw. msn: sortheros359@hotmail.com aim: sortheros359 feel free to IM me.. and if you cant, just email me. sortheros953(~*a.t*~~)g-m[a/]il.see oh em walalala. haha. yeah, spam bots are getting me to do crazy things. I use that dedicated server for my proxy page that gets around 2000-2700 unique hits a day.. http://poxy.us.to/ .. no ads or anything. *cough* *cough*. anyways... lol
  2. this is normal the app is just waiting for the cache to build - let it sit for a bit and it should be happy after a couple of minutes - at most - the delay will normally be just for the 1st song let me know how it goes thanks, but im still havin problems. I made the batch, and did what you said, but im still getting spammed with this, Even when it switched to the next song.. Its pretty much stuck like that. Bout 100 lines of that access file not found. lol btw, thanks alot for your help :) I already use pandora as my default music anyways.. But im tired of getting music that sucks, and i got the disk space to build up my own library of music. :) edit: heres default.properties,
  3. hi, im having a bit of problems....... : Well, i start it up, and it says this, ..So yeah, this loads up the page at first, but after a minute when i reload it, the page doesnt display. Anyways, thats not whats troubling me.. When i try to click "Grab it", it doesnt give any errors, but its not ripping the mp3 either. Its saying complete..In the properties file, i uncommented the line, and added the path i wanted(c:pandora).... Its not even creating c:pandoramp3.. I'm not 'computer illerate' or anything. Oh wait, in the log file, it is giving errors.. What should i do? :
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