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  1. Im still habving difficulties too. The TEMP=TMP did not seem to be the issue for me. When i first started the program it managed to record 6 songs butnotyhing since I have a pmtmp file infact 3 of them in my TEMP directory (I instlled the program twice and unintstalled two copies could havthat have something to do with it?

    My lateset Log says:

    server.server - No enum const class enums.FileType>ICO

    any idea what that means?


  2. Hi this looks like a wonderfully useful app -if only I could get it to work.

    I've now run the pandora.jar and gotten the screen saying lets grap some music. However when i try typing the http://localhost in Firefox I just get the message Unable to conect. Firefox cannot establish a connection to the server at localhost. Hopefully Im doing something trivial wrong?/ Any idea what? I noticed an earlier posting re flash 8+ I have probbaly got the latest version of flashplayer installed, (not sure how to tell) is this an issue?


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