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  1. I'm mostly known as Jahova, or Jah. Brainfreeze is actually the name of my desktop, but i respond to that also. Favourite game: Super Mario Brothers 3 Favourite OS: Slackware, but ubuntu is growing on me very fast. Favourite console: NES/Wii Nationality: Irish Sex: Male Age: N/A Race:? Considering Irish isn't a race, i'd say.. Caucasian. Height: 5'11" ish Status: Amazing Build: Normal Favourite Music: Muse/DJ Shadow/Orbital/Chemical Brothers/Radiohead/Prodigy/Air/Makaveli Favourite book: Essential Commands - Linux Pocket guide (very handy) Favourite author: Favourite movie: Leon Favourite director: Kevin Smith Favourite TV Show: The Sopranos Favourite actor: Edward Norton Favourite actress: Natalie Portman Favourite Pinup: Jenna Haze Favourite Comedian: Ask a ninja Other hobbies: Coding, amateur animation.
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