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  1. Hi,Pichet Thanks for your replying. I'm out of US, so I connect Pandora through HotspotShield. But the network speed is very slow, I try other net-radio. And now, I have returned to Pandora. I love Pandora-Rip because it's easy to rip files. Thanx a lot.
  2. Hi,everyone HappyNuYear!! I found this radio. MeeMix, the new internet radio community www.meemix.com http://www.meemix.com/intro/ Thnx for nice PJ,and nice P Rip. Live long & prosper ALL
  3. Hi,Pichet You are Big!! You can find the file "torrc". In my PC,it was found "C:Documents and SettingsMy AccountApplication DataVidalia". I only added the Network nickname at the end of it. For ex. , "ExitNodes whistlersmother,BostonUCompSci" I am not good in English,so apologize.
  4. Very thnx TehEsco! I have been blocked out for 3 months, at last I can listen my favorite songs. And my old PJ works fine. Thank you!
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