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  1. My name is Jason a. k. a CmdBash Favorite game: Half-Life 2 Mods Favorite OS: Windows XP im afraid Favorite console: N/A Nationality: US Shore Boy Accent: English (suburbian) Sex: Male Age:19 Race: White American Height: 6'0" Status: Freelancer 8P Build: Fit Favorite band: Sublime Favorite book: Five people you meet in heaven. Favorite author: Stephen KING Favorite movie: To many for just one Favorite director: Jerry Brukhimer Favorite TV Show: Battle Start Galactica Favorite actor: To many for just one Favorite actress: To many for just one Favorite Pinup: WAY to many for just one Favorite Comedian: Mitch Hedberg Other hobbies: Mountain Biking, Graphics Arts, Gaming, Paint Balling, Social Club, Board walking, Music Arrangement. Car: 1989 Sundance Occupation: CTO Distribution
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