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  1. Totally understand it will still work. Just truly EOL'd the device from functioning even kind of without having to side load modules just sucks thats all totally understand though.
  2. Has the Tetra just been retired? I can no longer "Get Bulletins" or "Get Modules" from the WifiPineapple website but I do have an internet connect on my device as I can ssh to it and ping out to google.com and curl the wifipineapple.com webpage. Just wondering thanks.
  3. Ya I am having the same issues I have a SanDisk Cruizer Fit 16GB and 32GB neither of them are detected when the pineapple is not plugged into AC Power which kinda sucks.
  4. SO who has the best password lists?? I have tried all the rainbow tables and exhausted every list I can possibly get my hands on and trying to stay away from straight up brute forcing if I dont have to. I have about 13 Passwords in a dump file for a contest that I can trying to crack. So again I ask who has the best list file?
  5. I'm wanting to bet Metatron has thermal goggles and has tried this trick in some way or another.
  6. So just because its competition means it can't be fun. I fo one am all for it. Competition only will make these guys better at the games they play. I am for Pwn.5 or h4x.5 both of them are sweet. Which games would we be playing or is it jsut whatever we want. I am up for heading up a Console Hak.5 Group. :) Competition implies competing... competing removes the fun, because it goes from fun to serious. No Competing just means you get to see who is better and see where you stand and how much practice you need. Competing does not remove the fun. I love going to tournaments and what not for games and I still have lots of fun playing them. :) Maybe you don't need to compete.
  7. So just because its competition means it can't be fun. I fo one am all for it. Competition only will make these guys better at the games they play. I am for Pwn.5 or h4x.5 both of them are sweet. Which games would we be playing or is it jsut whatever we want. I am up for heading up a Console Hak.5 Group. :)
  8. You do this and how much do you actually save less then the time it takes for the half wit mofo who works on the grill to cook and for you to receive your sandwich just save some time and pay the extra few cents to get your food. 8-)
  9. that torrent is pretty much dead I think no body bothered to seed it enough here is a good list of what Mubix has on his drive it is from somewhere here on the boards Here's what little explanation I have: CDex - This seems like Exact Audio Copy. It is a CD ripper, I think. System Mechanic 6 - Oh my goodness! This is awesome! I am using it right now on my system. It appears to tie up all the loose ends on your computer. It scans for vulnerabilities and checks system health. WackGet & NZB - Not too sure about these, but they look like they are both download managers. Chris Control - This scans the target IP for VNC or RDP and then connects to it. CpuZ - I think we all know what this is, but for those who don't it's a system hardware scanner. It checks what type of mempry and what type of CPU you have. FileZilla - A wonderful FTP client. Good 2 Install - These are the setup programs for AllSnap and Launchy Good Reading - An ebook about lock -picking HoverIP - "HoverIP is a useful set of network utilities, that can display your IP configuration (on all network cards), perform NsLookup queries, Traceroute, Ping, and port scanning. In addition, it can also help you manage your routing table and contains a database of ports with their assigned functionality." -- SnapFiles MadMACs - MAC address and host name changer. Made by IronGeek. Karen's Apps - This is a hash lookup and creation program as far as I can tell. KeePass - Keeps all your passwords in a safe place. NetMeter - Plots your download and upload speeds on a graph. NetStumbler - "NetStumbler is a tool for Windows that allows you to detect Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) using 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g." -- Included help file PSPad - Notepad on steroids. It has syntax highlighting and etcetera. RegSeeker - "RegSeeker includes a powerful registry cleaner and can display various informations like your startup entries, several histories (even index.dat files), installed applications and much more!" -- hoverdesk.net SysInternals - Way too many EXE's to explain them all TrueCrypt - Encryption on the fly Uninstall Tool - Add/Remove Programs on steroids. It's fast and effective. Universal Extractor - Will extract practically any archive file. WhoLockMe - Tells you what processes are accessing a file and not allowing it to be deleted. XP Virtual CD - "This free program for Windows XP lets you create a virtual CD drive on your hard disk." -- The Software Patch XVI32 - Freeware hex editor baregrep.exe (BareGrep) - Grep on acid on Windows BURNCDCC.EXE (BurnCDCC) - ISO burner dnswalker.exe (DNSWalker) - "Locate hosts without port scanning" -- PenTester Driver Collector.exe (Driver Collector) - "a tool designed to find and collect installed windows drivers for the hardware you select on your PC. Once you tell it which type of drivers you want to collect, it will copy them to a specific folder." -- TechNibble Foxit Reader.exe (Foxit Reader) - Lightweight PDF reader FSCapture.exe (Fast Stone Capture) - Screen capturer and editor Hiren's.BootCD.9.1.iso (Hiren's BootCD 9.1) - I can't explain it all. Go here. idserve.exe (ID Serve) - "ID Serve quickly and easily identifies the web server software running any web site." -- Background tab in idserve.exe ipnetinfo.exe (IP Net Info) - I haven't the slightest notion what this does LockNote.exe (Lock Note) - Notepad with encryption. mplayerc.exe (Media Player Classic) - This appears to play a ton of file types and codecs. PStart.exe (PStart) - Application launcher putty.exe (PuTTY) - Everybody's favorite connection/network thing (what would you call it? Telnet client?) siw.exe (System Information for Windows) - Grabs system information on Windows machines. Who would have guessed that? smsniff.exe (SmartSniff) - Packet sniffer SpaceMonger.exe (Space Monger) - Drive/file visualization stinger.exe (Stinger) - Virus scanner for certain viruses (at time of writing 187) SuperScan4.exe (Super Scan 4.0) - "SuperScan 4 is a completely-rewritten update of the highly popular Windows port scanning tool, SuperScan. Here are some of the new features in this version." -- FoundStone TCPOptimizer.exe (SG TCP Optimizer) - I think this optimizes the TCP udc.exe (Update Checker) - This is neat. It checks what programs you have and sends you to a File Hippo page with any updates. utorrent.exe (ĀµTorrent) - Lightweight BitTorrent client vncviewer.exe (VNC Viewer) - Uh... It allows you to connect to VNC servers win32whois.exe (Win32Whois) - Runs a "WHOIS" on domains you enter winscp382.exe (WinSCP) - A GUI for SCP (secure file copy)
  10. MrJester


    My local Wal-Mart and Ace hardware both carry plexiglass.
  11. Yeah would like a Demonoid invite if there are any left thanks guys hays.ryan[at]gmail[.com]
  12. Okay so I just purchased a drive about a week ago hadn't had time till now to play with it installed a few U3 apps on it and what not. Wait that was like a week ago now the other day I plug in my drive and my U3 drive won't start up it keeps crashing seems as if it is corrupted or something. :( Any ideas how to format this thing I have tried the U3 removal tools ALL of them and the Re-installer. Nothing either sees it or just keeps formatting over and over and over again and never finishes. Any ideas guys linux or windows I don't care I just want U3 off this drive and I want to be able to use it. Its Sandisk Micro Cruzer 4gb
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