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  1. Thanks for the advice @chrizree. Yes, I know there is alot for me to learn. Ill keep working away at it and see what I can come up with. Hopefully one day I can contribute to this community. Appreciated.
  2. thanks for the response @chrizree i am just wondering if you can clarify something that might sound ridiculous..... does anything in the s.ps1 file need to be edited/changed? I havnt modified it at all. also with the payload file.... would i need to edit things like "PAYLOAD_DIR" or "$SWITCH_POSITION" or "Name+" i think we all might be overestimating my level of experience haha. Trying to figure out where and what information needs to be added to the script to see exactly how in over my head i am. To be honest.... i was hoping and kind of expecting that one could just add payloads and have them work. I am currently only taking a compTIA Network+ course to kick start my learning. not sure where to go from there, so theres an idea of my current capabilities. I imagine theres way too much to learn that no one is going to want to help me.
  3. I am new to all this and trying to learn to do some light pentesting/raise awareness in my building. I am trying to use this "change wall paper" attack to notify people that leave their computer and am having trouble. https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/pull/245/commits/29d750d2062eece73b971f622e75eac8bc3bb7d5 I have added the payload, s.ps1, and my w.png file i want to use to "switch1" folder. when i plug it in, it just goes to setup then fail LED colors. nothing else happens. I have tried modifying some of the lines to things that make sense to me (ie. changing "$SWITCH_POSITION" on line 24 and 39 to "switch1") is there anything i need to modify in the payload or s.ps1 files? trying to figure out what i am doing wrong. I am just learning so dont have any experience any help would be greatly appreciated. just trying to get it to work and learn some maybe obvious things im missing.
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