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  1. Can we get a feature with a dropdown list of various genres? This way when not using cruise control and you click "Grab This Track" the user can select a genre they would like to tag the song with. Makes sense since you're already in manual mode grabbing songs. The song is already tagged with artist and song name. The only other important aspect is the genre. Album title and year are not that important (at least to me). Also, if someone creates a complete pandora rock station, even with cruise control "on" they may want all songs tagged with "Rock" genre. Of course this is assuming CDDB lookup is off which many times does not find correct data. Just my thought...
  2. When the app grabs the song it takes all the files in temp directory and sorts them by the modified time. Once sorted it grabs the file. In the case you mentioned where Pandora reloads it doesn't matter since a timestamp is used.
  3. :idea: New version available for download: pandoras-jar-beta.5.zip Changes: * All settings such as pandora username, last.fm username/password, and other options can be saved * Settings are saved to a cookie which expires after 60 days Now if the page reloads all your settings will be restored and you don't need to retype any info. Helpful Info: * To start the app with command window open: java -jar pandora.jar port# * To start the app without command window open: javaw -jar pandora.jar port# ** You will notice I created a shortcut (Pandorab5) for the second option. Every user would have to modify the path for the shortcut if they want to use it. This is only an example. Enjoy.
  4. pandora.js file in the js folder has the settings. One of the settings is: var SONG_COUNT_BEFORE_RELOAD = 30; Pandora after sometime will require user intervention and will not function. This setting ensures that Pandora is reloaded before it requires user intervention. So if you want to rip music all night long (cruise control is on) then this will do it for you. If you're going to sit in front of the computer and rip songs manually (cruise control is off) then you can increase the counter for reload. When pandora stops playing songs because it requires user intevention, you can simply reload the page at that time.
  5. irieb Can we have a separate thread dealing with the development of the program (different versions, features under development, etc.)? Seems this thread has become particular to problems people are experiencing with the program - especially new users who are not reading previous post in this thread which may have solutions to their problems. Thanks.
  6. irieb I used the program entire day and everything works fine. However, I did notice some issues: * When cddb lookup is off, song will be ripped to: %Directory%StationNameArtistName-SongName.mp3 With cddb lookup is on, song will be ripped to: %Directory%StationNameAlbumNameArtistName-SongName.mp3 I don't think the album name should create a folder on the drive since a song may be in a folder and another song by the same artist may be outside the folder. * The html page by default sets these options: last.fm data - off cddb lookup - off cruise control - on pandora username - blank last.fm username - blank last.fm password - blank I used the app all day and for some reason after several hours the page would refresh. This happened four times to me today by itself. Once due to inactivity with the pandora tuner. Other times I don't know why. When this occurred all the settings were reset to default setting and songs were ripped to an incorrect folder (pandora username was cleared and station name could not be retrieved). At the same time I had cruise control set to off and on the reset it turned on and ripped songs I did not want. I suggest putting all these setting into an xml config file. That way you read and write the settings. For example, if cruise control is set to off, the xml config file would be updated with that value. If a reset occurred for any reason the app would initialize setting currently set in the xml config file. This applies to the rest of the settings as well. This feature would make the application much more robust. Users using it everyday would not have to re-enter all their info and settings in the app. The xml config file would allow for much more extensible future settings such as directory to rip to, naming conventions, etc. Thanks.
  7. irieb Very nice work. Working very well for now. I'll be testing it today. I have one suggetion for now. When "cruise control" is set to off (also cddb lookup is off) the user is primarily sitting at their computer and controlling which song they like/dislike and select which song they would like to rip song by song. I think a nice option would be to let them input the additional ID3 tag info on their own. For example if Pandora is playing some nice Trance mix, cddblookup may return genre as 'Electronic' if it finds the song. Usually doesn't find the song info anyway for mixes. The user may want it tagged as 'Trance' genre instead to match their existing collection. I think giving the user the flexibility to overwrite the song attributes would be nice. Of course this is only reasonable when "cruise control" is off. With more handy options being added to your app, the interface may have to be changed with time so all options don't become cluttered. Nice work.
  8. Folder structure is user to user preference. Most people import the mp3s into their music player from various folders and search easily since songs are tagged. As long as a song has a good ID3 tag, who cares what's it saved as on the computer? However I agree that "Artist Name - Song Name.mp3" should be the format followed when saving the song. Basic functionality we need perfected before any fancy features are added is: * Save songs locally to a specified folder* Save song in format mentioned above * Write ID3 tag with Artist and Song name by default. Retrieving additional info to improve ID3 tag should be optional. * The ID3 comment could be the station name Anyway, just my opinion. I'm a developer myself.
  9. irieb With the last.fm retrieve option set to 'off' the app still sits on song info retrieval on CddbLookUp: I can't get passed the CddbLookUp. Is it possible to have song info retrieval disabled too? Instead of looking up the ID3 tag info you can just tag it with Pandora's info. I listen to lots of trance music and most of the time ID3 lookup fails anyway because the songs are special mixes and there is no info on them. In ProcessAction.java method ProcessAction() if CddbLookUp could be disabled by option that would be great. Thanks.
  10. I use this Pandora app a lot at home and at work. It doesn't work for me at work because when it does the lookup to tag the mp3 is just sits there. Probably due to the firewall. Is it possible to add an option (checkbox) in the app to enable and disable online retrieving of data? When disabled I'd like it to just tag the song with pandora's info. Thanks,
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