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  1. Awww these are so horrible :P He did have an awesome voice back in his day. And Farrah is absolutely gorgeous. A lovely Charlie's Angel. I'm sorry to see them both go.
  2. AT&T has horrid service on the east coast, US, so I'm waiting til it comes to Verizon or T-mobile... Currently have a Centro. I've been hearing good and bad about the Pre, so I might/might not switch early when that comes to Verizon.
  3. Aw man. /I got the lols
  4. Hey guys, It's really awesome reading these kind of threads and knowing ya'll are enjoying the content we are bringing. There can never be another season 1. The tech world changes, the cast has changed, and we're growing and learning during every segment. Moving to Rev3 has helped a ton- no longer spending time uploading and converting to 3 files, not searching for sponsors ourselves, etc. We're able to focus on the segments, the fans, and the show in general. And all of us are delving into new stuff (Matt w/ VM, Darren w/ Linux, me w/ homebrew hacks) so... I know I'm learning more and more everytime I do an episode. And yes, the beer money is good. Still work at the bank, but the extra beer money is good. Thanks :)
  5. 573 represent! Although now I live in the 804/757 area.
  6. Im only on this one and sometimes pure pwnage's forums. But thats it.
  7. Hey, thats funny! A guy over at the Rev3 forums named "IdoUnix" said the same thing. Huh. Well, I'll let you know this too: We're done with Wii HOMEBREW for a while... We've caught everyone up to speed and we're waiting til the Homebrew scene settles down a bit before diving into some new Nintendo HACK. But if you have any ideas for the show, feel free to email us... And yes, we have tons planned. We're far from running out, and we have shows weekly, so I'm sure you'll find something you enjoy.
  8. awesome icon! would you mind if I used that one some of our fan pages (like the twitter page, or the facebook group?)
  9. We will be opening a Hak5 swag Store within the next 1-2 weeks (hopefully!). We will have a couple of shirts for sale, stickers, pineapples, and possibly some more stuff if sales go well. The jackets were limited to the cast only, but we've gotten so many comments about getting them for viewers that we may make some similar ones and sell those as well. We'll have an announcment coming soon on one of the eps!
  10. Thanks Kung Fu Jesus :D Hope you enjoy!
  11. When I was working at Domino's Pizza back in Missouri, I couldn't wear anything other than the uniform criteria, but I could play music. So I would play the BOL podcast in the morning, and Pure Pwnage soundtrack, along with J-pop. It was pretty awesome when a customer would recognize something on the cd player/ipod I had hooked up. These days, I sport my geeky clothing from jinx and thinkgeek, and I have plenty of keychains involving ram/anime/and things that I put on my purse :P I have 'nerdy' ringtones on my cell... The Final Fantasy Battle finale music, Zelda tunes, Pure Pwnage, and hak5 to name a few. I'm proud of my nerdyness! We all should be!
  12. Holy crap. I hope you guys all are safe.
  13. dr0p, ani-tards FTMFW! And yes, hak5.org/stickers :P
  14. I like my Acer Aspire One, and since it's cheaper than many of ther other netbooks out there, I'd suggest going with that one. It's small enough to tote around, and fast enough to run a few different programs simutaneously. I can't see anyone playing any graphic intense games on the Acer, but for a person who needs something to play on the internet, it's perfect. Plus, it comes in pink. :P
  15. Me too! I'd hate to be the Ad monkey! I'm no ad monkey! Cat.. maybe...
  16. We do have them and they are in limited supply. nullArray is correct- we give them to anyone who makes a very charitable donation along with a sizeable hakpack of stickers, the shotglass, a signed photo, pins, etc etc...
  17. Heehee, Donation gifts get better as they get higher. We ALWAYS send stickers no matter what, but if you go out of your way to send in like 50 bucks, then you get something else as well...
  18. There are lots of really fun downloadable games like Castle Crashers on the 360. You can get Orange Box for 360 if you dont want it for PC. Fallout 3 and GoW 2 for sure... I just got Mirror's Edge but haven't played it yet. From what I saw my brother playing, it looks pretty cool.
  19. Oh btw, Lucas, forgot to tell ya ealier. Pronobozo is the artist who made this quick peice of music, so I think he deserves some props :)
  20. I've seen Matt play Fallout3 and everything I've seen is pretty freakin cool. I love the use of machines in this game. Adventure games are great, and side-quests are fun.
  21. Snubs

    Fun Free FPS

    igf.com ---> student entries ---> It's a game called Glitch. Super weird and fun!
  22. Snubs


    I WANT IT NOW. But I asked my mom for it for Xmas... So we'll probably have a L4D party after the new year. OMG, I played some at a friends house, and it's a VERY VERY good game.
  23. Vicky- I got a size small since they are boy shirts. It fits pretty snugly :) I also want a Hak5 Hoodie. I would totally sport my own show.
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