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  1. I used to try n solve them when I was little. farthest I ever got was 4 sides. Then I got frustrated and just changed the stickers.
  2. Haha, thats awesome. I told my mom about the brand name tokidoki and she thought it was spam mail when she received my wishlist from that site.
  3. I didn't ask for much of anything, but my mom got me a bunch of Tokidoki shirts and Jinx shirts, my sis got me a Victoria Secret gift card, and my bro got me a scarf set. Dunno what Darren got me yet :P Surprisingly, nothing geeked out this year. I already have everything I wanted.
  4. Hey guys, yeh I'm still in Virginia til the 24th. Thanks for the warm wishes while darren is in the hospital! Yesterday, when I went over there he was doing pretty good. I passed the pineapple gift shop and lolled to myself. :) I'll let Darren discuss the details if he really wants to because IMHO that's his privacy. I brought him his laptop so hopefully Darren doesn't die from boredom up in there so you'll probably see him around here like usual. :) let's just hope he gets out of the hospital by Christmas!!
  5. I love the Twilight series. The books are of course, waaay better but the movies do a decent job at selling it. I've been reading vampire novels for years and years... Anne Rice novels, Anne Bishops Daughter of the Blood series, the True Blood books I'm just starting, as well as Dracula, effing Buffy fuck yea!, Vampire Hunder D mangas and books, etc etc. Each kind of book/movie/show has a different take on vampires. I definetly think the idea of vampires sparkling in sunlight is incredibly silly... but look at it from the authors pov. Stephanie had to find a way to incorporate the vampires into the human world, where they could still go outside and not turn to ash. The Vampire Diaries vampires have to wear special magical rings so they dont die in the sunlight... The cool thing about the vampire folklore and myths is that they are just that. Storytelling at it's best, being twisted and changed as people deem fit. Either way, even if I hated the Twilight movies, I'd still go out to see them because I love the books :D
  6. I took my Kindle to the beach this year and it was very easy to see, never gets hot, etc. You can read PDF's on the kindle by converting them into a kindle file... I use Mobipocket Creator... and, if you know where to look, there are tons of free books out there. I have tons of books on my Kindle and haven't spent a dime, other than purchasing the e reader itself. It's a good little machine to have around, but only if you're an avid bookworm and it will actually save you money in the long run. It's saved me money already... not to mention deskspace :)
  7. Hey "WhoaWhat?"! Wow, how could someone be so DUMB?! Did you really just create an account just to call me dumb? That's cute, but c'mon. You do the same thing on so many other social networks, don't you get tired of it? Acer was going to charge me 199.00 for the replacement of my acer's cracked screen- which started as a small crack, possibly by someone moving it, dropping it, stepping on it, punching it, trying to fold it, etc. etc. etc. I do live in a household with a lot of setting up, breaking down sets, moving equipment, etc... I talked them down to 90.00. Even then, the rep told me it was a customer related damage although I didn't say anything about HOW it happened. Which, I would be fine with paying if I knew how it happened, but I didn't. So I mailed it in, because what's to lose? It's under warranty, shipping was free, and the worst they can say is they cant fix it or they'd charge me. My problem with it was: 1. I didn't know how it happened (AND NO, I do NOT store my netbook on the floor. Don't make judgements, thanks.). 2. It's under warranty for 1 more month. I find it odd that it would get a malfunction now, of all times. 3. They were going to charge me 90.00 when I can get the same netbook for 200.00 now, a new monitor for 50.00, or just buy a new netbook for 300.00. I'd much rather buy a new screen and replace it myself- therefore, I have a segment, I learn something new, and I save money. Now, if I could have fit that into a few 140 character tweets, I would've. So before going onto the Hak5 forums and calling me 'dumb', how about you come up to me - straight to my face - and get the story? You took it a little out of context, don't you agree "WhoaWhat?"
  8. So sad that it is on the same weekend as Halloween :(
  9. Uhm.. Be more specific. What is the episode number?
  10. Hey FreeRunner, Yea we are thinking about adding some more stuff this season, but it will take a while to work out all the details. Keep checking!
  11. The hakshop is available in the UK. I'm not sure on the exact amount for shipping, but put a pineapply in your cart to find out. http://www.hak5.org/store
  12. Thanks to everyone that was able to make it yesterday to Busch Gardens and the bar afterwards. I for one had an amazing time and I hope everyone that joined us did as well. It was great getting to know some of our viewers and make some new friends! We even had a guy come out who had just seen his first episode last night! I think in all we had over 40+ people show up at any given time, which is pretty good for a $60.00 theme park when it was supposed to rain. Here's a thread to everyone to link to videos, post pictures, and anything else they want to throw in. Also, if you still have your code (on the ticket) email us at feedback@hak5.org. Again, thank you for venturing to our hometown to make our 4th birthday party a success!
  13. Snubs

    Hak5 Gaming tags

    I use [Hak5]Snubs
  14. Congrats to Pure Pwnage!!! I've been a big fan of them for a LONG time. I'm glad they got picked up by Showcase :D
  15. Prowin, Thanks for coming down and doing the documentary :D I enjoyed it!
  16. This was a post by Matt in a different thread: http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?s=&sh...st&p=137368 I hope this helps to answer some of your questions. And yes, we do know what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. And Yes, we did mention the site hack in a previous episode as well.
  17. Kerby liked it for a short time and was walking around like she didn't care. We added batteries and it weighed her down. The poor kitty didn't like that too much so we saved her some greif and took it off. I dunno if we'll come back to that project or not, but I don't think we'll test it on kerby anytime soon :)
  18. No one's gonna flame you, at least I won't. I get where you're coming from. The hardest part is doing the show weekly and trying to come up with segments and information that everyone will enjoy. I wish we could do mods and hardware hacks every week. That would be SWEET! We have had some awesome stuff the past 2 seasons- like the Pineapple Jasager, the Monkey, building a server, konboot, and the multi boot USB from this episode I find incredibly interesting. I'm looking foward to the day that I get to quit my day job and stay at home during the day figuring out how to hack my 360 to do interesting things... Ahh, but I'm dreaming. :P
  19. 2600 is good. You can find it in some book stores.
  20. Hrm... Best Actress of the WHS 2004 graduating class. That's about it though. They gave me a spiffy little plaque.
  21. Darren's not a hacker, he just plays one on tv.
  22. Oh, well TuxOtaku sent in this column, so of course the 'hackers' name is Darren. Good job, TuxOtaku. :) Pretty cool your read is on Discovery blogs.
  23. PC349bds Thanks for taking care of the server today! We <3 you!
  24. Snubs

    HAK5 team

    I went to college at Missouri State University (I wouldn't suggest it for anything tech related). I majored in Hospitality and Restaurant Administration, though I really like singing/vocal entertainment and acting/camera work. So anything I know about tech I've been learning on my own. Living in the Hakhouse is a huge learning experience for me because the guys have such a long history in hacking, networking, and the like. It's a great chance for me to learn about what I enjoy, so I'm taking advantage of it.
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