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  1. 19x06 (The Hackers 20th anniversary special) is still missing from the feed. Was this one a result of the same bug? Is there a chance of that one getting fixed too?

    I'll look into it. If it's just missing for some reason, I can reupload it to the RSS. If it's on our RSS but isn't publishing, Revision3 will need to fix it.

  2. Hi! So one of my awesome followers on Twitter brought this to my attention again today. Apparently this issue, which I thought was fixed in December, was not! Revision3 recently implemented a site where external content creators can upload their video files to Rev3, and they are then distributed to the RSS feed (iTunes, Podcatcher, etc). Since our show is longer than a regular video podcast on their network, apparently the video files were erroring out during upload and the files were not being processed onto our RSS. This has been happening since November. Since I knew this was an issue a month ago, I recommended folks hit up our Youtube channel since that's directly uploaded right after the video files are edited and rendered and we have full control. We weren't informed there was a problem directly from Rev3 since then.

    So now, I'm manually checking everything. Last night I stayed late and literally watched the taskbar on all of our newest episodes to make sure they finished uploading and actually processed. I checked the RSS, and they appeared on there today.

    For now on, I'm adding that to my weekly to-do list. It adds a few hours to my already full-time job, but I'd rather stay late and make sure the files are finished uploading then continually deal with the mess and headache. I could probably write a script to do it for me, but that will also take some (lots) of time for consideration since I'm not an expert coder.

    This is one of those "nobody does the job right unless you do it yourself" kind of things!

  3. Since we truly can't know its state without opening the box (yet Snubs seems to know it is both up and down) I'm guessing she opened the box and found the RSS feed immersed in some strange quantum state. I would like to see an episode on how Hak5 achieved this as it appears to be a major breakthrough in the world of computer science.

    The current state is unknown, however with the correct sixth sense, you have the ability to know the full truths.


  4. All of our episodes are posted on the Youtube channel: youtube.com/hak5, immediately when available for release. The RSS is currently up and down, so I'd suggest subscribing on Youtube to get them as soon as they release.

  5. We've got a lot on our hands with the holidays and CES coming up, but rest assured that Hak5 episodes will continue to be posted once a week.

    We noticed a hiccup on our RSS, where it didn't update for like 2 months. We chatted with Revision3 about this, since they are our distribution partner. Apparently the problem has been found and we're working with them the update the RSS feeds accordingly. Until those are all up to date, I suggest subscribing to our YouTube page, which is updated immediately after editing.

  6. I would love to bring it back as soon as possible, but we currently don't have any sponsorships for that show, so I'd basically be doing it for free. Hopefully we can do something about that in the new year, because I miss my HakTips too!

  7. Cooper, sorry, but I HAVE actually had some hands on experience with that one and reviewed that one. I personally enjoyed it use, and it's matches robertrust's criteria, other than the price. It run games well enough for amateur use (not for a serious gamer), and works for general schoolwork. Yes it's missing a couple of ports, but those can be implemented with a USB hub. The hinge is tight and isn't an issue, and the battery lasts over 5 hours, which I consider low compared to a MBA or S7. Not to mention Dell also has excellent customer service from my personal experience.

    Honestly, I'm not sure I could provide a worthy recommendation unless I've actually used the product in question, which is why I recommended that XPS 13. I would recommend something like my Acer S7, but that's way too expensive, unless you purchase an older model.

    Robertrust, I hope you find a good laptop that meets your needs. LMK what you choose. :)

  8. Other than the fact that the story is incredibly sexist (like... I know a few marketing chicks who actually do know a thing or two about programming, so you never know...) I've been doing something similar for consumer freebies. :) There's a site called PinchMe that gives you free consumer goods for your reviews. Just put in a work address and your fake email and you're good. They don't pay you but you do get freebies in the mail, with little effort.

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