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  1. My name is Richard aka Ringo Favourite game: Favourite OS: Kubuntu Favourite console: Xbox 360 Nationality: Australian Accent: Australian Sex: Male Age:20 Race: White Height: Not sure ...5ft something ...10? Status: Engaged Build: Disgustingly chunky...in that awkward way Favourite band: Ministry or Tool Favourite book: Jesus Weed by Gerald Taylor Favourite author: Raymond E Feist ... or Todd McFarlane if he counts Favourite movie: Mallrats Favourite director: Kevin Smith Favourite TV Show: Oz Favourite actor: Edward Norton/Christian Bale Favourite actress: ....eh Favourite Pinup: .....eh Favourite Comedian: Bill Hicks/Dana Gould/George Carlin Other hobbies: Music....making it, reporting it, etc. Car: n/a Occupation: Student
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