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  1. still not working it says grabmp3 and then it counts down and says mp3grap complete but I have no songs in my mp3 folder
  2. So I got the music to play finally and then at the bottom of the screen it says mp3 in 10 seconds or whatever and it counts down and says grabmp3complete. However in the window it always just says initing MP3 rip. Is it supposed to change that message there? And if they are saving, where are they being saved to? i dont see them in my mp3 folder within pandora
  3. So I did everything in the tutorial and everything is up and running. I'm at the localhost site with the pandora jar program running there. and i've entered my username and clicked saved. Now how do I get my music to play?! sorry if this is a stupid question but I just joined pandora yesterday. There is no place on that localhost page where I can start a music station or anything. What do I do from here? I tried going to backstage and starting my radio station from there but it doesn't play. I keep clicking play but nothing. I know this is a noob question but please help
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