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  1. Name: Adam aka: Warlock Nationality: Canadian Age: 18 with 11 years experience (29) Favourite game: WoW, Favourite OS: Windows XP, Ubuntu (*nix-newb) Favourite console: X-Box, super nintendo Accent: Canuck Sex: Male Height: 6' Favourite band: No bands. . . . anything techno and non cheesy Favourite book: Wheel of Time series- Robert Jordan Favourite author: See previous Favourite movie: Fight Club, Clerks Favourite director: Kevin Smith Hobbies: Computer crap, martial arts Car: 2006 Toyota Yaris Occupation: Computer technician Brief History: Tech dork by lineage. Dad had me programming in basic at age 4 on old apple IIe (still have it). Been rewiring and tweaking crap ever since. Finally landed a job doing what I dig (kind of hard with no 'real' qualifications) and that is enabling my feeding the tech addiction. In personal view, my ambition far outweighs my talent. . . but I'm working on that.
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