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  1. What is the point of doing something as gay as that??? Why don't you open up there computer and disconnect the power switch. It would be easier, get you into as much shit, and do a little more than a gay spamming script. :-x (Yes Moonlit etc I know.... but I have changed 8) )
  2. k.gen04

    cat cam?

    um isnt it called waterproof camera.. or mount everything in a single back mounted unit.. but mebea wit the camera underneath
  3. Forget bout this thread... just relized that im gonna get extra privs as well through an extension grp at skewl.. and wouldnt want to hak in case i get kicked out. _______ YAY I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT
  4. oh fine i give in... ill go be a nice boy now
  5. um that funny :lol: :lol: but the permissions i want to get are admin ones.. access everything.
  6. LOL um correction.. the teachers cant do that cause there to dumb.
  7. Right, here we go again. Um. . . Our schools got Macs (imacs, the latest) and weve go full access to terminal, know the local admin passwd and got firefox, so were doing pretty well. BUT we cant change any of or perms with this(as far as we know). Any ideas?? P. S This is my first post, so it wool sound n00by :shock:. I have hacked before, at primary, it was a crack-up. :lol: :lol:
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