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  1. TextMate on OS X. E-Editor on windows. Kate (I think it's kate) on linux
  2. I have one main app atm. (Of course there's hippstr which launch date seems to always be next month :P, so I won't include it here.) That one app being stikked, http://www.stikked.com. It's a pretty good pastebin, I really wrote it to create an example app for my php framework, http://codeigniter.com. But I took it beyond that, now it has a lot of cool features. And is a very worthy competitor to hak5's 'true love', slexy... Check it out! Oh and it's open source (the OS version is a little behind, but will be updated soon) at http://code.google.com/p/stikked Crashanddie and I were also working on a cool prime number finding application, I might release that soon.
  3. To be honest, this has been the main problem with this community for a long time. "The elitists", who think they are better than everyone else, maybe they are, but they don't need to be asses about it. I completely agree and will try and help.
  4. Sorry the question was, "Who's looks the nicest".... kthx
  5. em. . . sorry but it's the same font
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