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  1. AsteriskNOW and PiAF are pretty much the same. They both use the FreePBX GUI on top of Asterisk and are built on CentOS, if memory serves.
  2. I might drill a hole in the case, but it really isn't all that vital that I see the LED.
  3. I think you can use the analog trunk cards to connect the Asterisk server to a legacy PBX system. Normally they'd be used to trunk out to the physical phone lines. It would only make sense if you needed to transition a larger PBX to a VoIP system without serious service interruption.
  4. Somebody actually called the help desk line and asked where the "any key" was on the keyboard. I told the client to "just pick one" and she realized what she had just asked. I barely hung up the phone before I fell on the floor laughing.
  5. Right now, I have RasPBX running an a RaspberryPi. My phone system is pretty small with only 1 desk phone and 4 softphones. 6 lines including a dedicated voicemail line. For something bigger, I'd use AsteriskNOW on something with better specs. I virtualized it and had a pretty stable system running for a few months before I built up the RasPBX system. It only took me a few hours to make and receive the first test calls. My outbound trunks are actually Google Voice numbers. I hope to register several sequential GV numbers (yeah, it matters to me) so I can have a DID for every user. The only money I spent was on the RaspberryPi, but at $50 it wasn't that bad and I didn't even make the purchase specifically for the PBX. On top of that, my previous VoIP provider sent me a desk phone in error, refunded me for it, but never sent me a shipping label to return it so I ended up with a free phone.
  6. I'm Derek aka Teromnix from the Greater Los Angeles Area. I've been watching Hak.5 off and on since 2x01. I was 12 when I started watching the show and I figured I'd get involved with the community now that I can grow a beard. Favourite game: Riven Favourite OS: Debian Nationality: American Sex: Male Age: 20 Favourite band: Anything Maynard James Keenan has something to do with. Other hobbies: Automating my life, DIY / Electronics Car: 2005 Jeep Liberty Occupation: Tech Support for a K-12 school district
  7. The following doesn't invoke Spotlight Search on 10.9: DELAY 1000 GUI SPACE Thats how the OSX payloads on the Payload Wiki do it. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn't that bit of code work? Edit: Apparently I'm an idiot. I grabbed this and used COMMAND in place of GUI and it worked like a charm.
  8. teromnix

    ubuntu help

    I want to run ubuntu linux on microsoft virtual pc, but I'm having some trouble. I start Virtual PC and mount the ISO and get this screen. . . I click on install ubuntu I get the loading screen. . . After it loads I get this screen. . . What is that and why did it happen?
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