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  1. so the path of sd card is same in every device right? and in short i can store loot and execute payloads from the sd card right? could you please also provide a payload executing files from the sd card that will be really helpful as im very confused pls 🙂
  2. so should i wait for mk7ac module or should i buy alfa AWUS036ACM? right now i have alfa awus1900 adapter but it doesnt work with mk7 at all.
  3. drop interesting payloads link here!!!
  4. can i expect few modules for mark7 in the future? which wifi card should i buy to make my mark7 to receive 5ghz networks as well as im very confused i also read the documentation of 5ghz on the hak5's page but many users reported it as its not working fine. thanks 🙂
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