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  1. Hey guys i was wondering how to upload photos to the forums? I've been trying to do it through Imgur.com but when i go to paste the URL and click upload it doesn't do anything, it just highlights red and doesn't upload the URL. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. So was able to ssh into the nano and tried creating a file with the touch command but i still get the same "Read-only file System" output. Actually when i ssh into the nano i get this "pineapple nano jffs2-partition seems full and overlayfs is mounted read-only". It then suggests to remove the files from the /modules directory and then reboot. I did this and the i still get the same error when trying to copy the config file to the nano. I read somewhere to try a factory reset to clean the filesystem... Its really not that serious of a problem to me. I was just trying to connect the nano with my C2 server. I think ill try copying the config file to the sd card before i do a reset. Pretty sure the config has to be on the /etc directory of the nano though.
  3. Hey guys i just got my C2 server set up today and i am trying to add my nano. Following the hak5 instructions to copy the config file to my pineapple and i get a sudo scp device.config root@ 1 ⨯ root@'s password: scp: /etc//device.config: Read-only file system Any thoughts on why this is happening? Wasn't for sure if you could copy the config file to the SD card i have in my nano possibly? Thanks!
  4. So was able to get things figured out with support. They are gonna replace the dead bunny. Thank you Hak5 for the awesome support and thank you to everyone on the forum that helped out as well.
  5. I gotcha. Ive already been talking to support about the problem and sent them some pictures of it.
  6. So I haven't been able to find a solution yet with my Bash Bunny. It seems to be stuck in payload mode though so I decided to open the case to make sure that the switch looked alright along with the rest of the hardware. I did find a broken inductor on the bottom side of the Bash Bunny (underneath the 3-way switch). Not sure if this could be what is causing the problem or not. The thing is is that my BB worked when i first plugged it in, but started the problem after updated and configured a payload. My best guess is the inductor was already going out and while it was plugged in and getting warm, broke, and then when i unplugged and switched it to test my payload.... nothing happens. At this time i cant upload my picture for some reason but when im able to i will post some pictures. I'm not expert when it comes to circuit boards so this is just my best guess.
  7. Just wanted to say thank you for your help, im talking with support now to try and figure the problem out. I'll update this post when i get an update of figure the problem out.
  8. I downloaded the bashbunny updater, placed it into the root folder of the bash bunny. I ran the updater and it said it was already to the newest version. 1.6 or 1.7 i believe. After this i had followed a tutorial on youtube to try and set up a simple payload to test it out. This is what i copied into the payload.txt for switch 2 or the middle switch.... LED G ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET LED R G 100 export HOST_IP= nmap -O --fuzzy $HOST_IP >> /root/udisk/nmap.txt SYNC SYNC LED G After this all i did was unplug it, turn the switch to switch 2 or the middle switch and plug it back in and ive been stuck ever since. It is stuck in ethernet mode but i cant ssh into it either. Its like it is stuck running that payload or something. switching back to arming mode makes no difference either. It doesnt show up in my explorer any more, only as a ethernet device. I can modify the IP address but thats it. SSH denies the default password "hak5bunny" every time. Sorry if im repeating a lot of information but i have tried so many things. Just trying to give you guys as much information as possible. Thanks again!
  9. So after updating my mark 2 bash bunny, I ejected it and plugged it back in and now all it does is light up green twice, then go solid red. It doesn't show up as a USB device anymore either when I put it in arm mode. It acts like it is stuck in attack mode for some reason. Also tried factory resetting it. That doesn't work either. It literally won't factory reset. Just the same light up green twice then solid red. Probably going to pop ot open to make sure the switch isn't messed up. Any advice would be awesome. Thank you guys!
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