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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll make sure to try them when I get back on campus and see if they can fix my situation!
  2. Yeah I was thinking of doing that but I am on break now and won't be back until mid january. :?
  3. Hello, long time fan of Hak 5 here with a decent amount of computer skills. My university requires Windows users to install Bradford Networks "Client Security Agent" in order to ensure that individual users have Symantec anti-virus, windows defender, and windows patches installed and up to date. If something isnt right, the computer gets quarantined until everything is installed and running. Requiring the anti-virus and windows defender to be on all the time significantly impacts the performance (and sometimes stability) of my computer, and being a gamer that just isn't acceptable. I think t
  4. This one worked well for me, so thank you. It is simple and easy to use. Just unzip, run the pandora.jar, go to http://localhost in Firefox (may have to allow it on your firewall) and thats it!
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