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  1. Generally speaking that would probably be determined by the dependencies of those portals and whether or not the MK7, and specifically the Evil Portal module, (as an OpenWRT derivative) is able to fulfill these. The video does not tell anything on how things work under the hood.
  2. What I found to be a bit annoying was the fact that during the setup, when the device asks to update the firmware, it is not able to connect to my Wifi as the PSK must be 8-32 characters. As you might guess mine is not shorter, its longer than that.
  3. I would not call that help, but you do have a point :-). My personal opinion if you have an RPi (does not even have to be a 4) and several usb wifi adapters lying around, then the functional advantages of a MK7 might be considered limited. I know I can reproduce probably at least 98% of the MK7's functionality when using an RPi. @Deuce022I have captured a few handshakes using the MK7 but needed multiple deauths. I agree that using other devices like the RPi and my laptop produced results quicker. It seemed to be easier to get those focussed on a specific AP or channel.
  4. What you seem to describe is this (?): you connect the MK7 with is USB-C (power) port to a a Linux router using a USB-C to 'USB-C ' or 'USB A 3.x' cable. If so than that router needs to support 'ICS' and the NIC inside the MK7 in order to provide the MK7 with an internet connection. I've only connected using ICS when using a 'cough-ndows-cough' laptop not a Linux device up until now. I have successfully tried to connect a USB Ethernet (was once an accessory for a Lenovo laptop) to the 'USB 2.0' port on the MK7 to get the internet connection, but that is not usb-c.
  5. Correct for my use case I do not need additional kmods, usb-modeswitch (usbmode) is enough. Well observed!
  6. My previous statement was not exactly true: the changelog for firmware 1.1.0 beta is too long to fit in a frame which makes it impossible to scroll through the whole text when it is open 'Zooming out (Ctrl+'-') helps.
  7. Are .bin files available? I'd like to use one when performing a factory reset, thus clean install, while not yet being connected to the internet. Up until now I used the v1.0.2 bin.
  8. I just retried upgrading through opkg but this time by manually entering several opkg upgrade commands: again PineAP won't started. My conclusion: do not use the opkg upgrades unless you're really, really sure a package does not interfere with the main functionality. I guess upgrading curl, nana, vim, busybox, etc. would not be an issue but hostapd, wpad, dnsmasq might. Up to a factory reset it is ;-).
  9. I encountered the exact same thing: after updating all packages on a freshly installed and configured MK7 (firmware 1.0.2) the PineAP failed to start. I had to perform a factory reset and have not yet had the time to retry. I switched to 1.1.0 beta for other reasons (usb-modeswitch) and also have not tried to upgrade that one, just some packages. Note that upgrading all upgradable packages through a single command line ('opkg list-upgradable | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | xargs opkg upgrade' or equivalent) on OpenWRT and derivatives has always been discouraged and that is what I did anyway. hostapd is one of the packages that is upgradable and well that is a key package
  10. I use Edge Chromium as well (InPrivate by Default) and have not yet encountered any issues.
  11. Absolutely created a backup as well, but then 'worst case' scenario would be: Copy your own version to for example /root opkg remove usb-modeswitch opkg install usb-modeswitch and the original is there again @PanicAcidAs I like to know what I'm doing could you provide some info / link on how I could have retrieved the correct values for t_vendor and t_product myself? I have found articles on this concerning 3/4G modems (e.g Huawei) but I am not yet convinced that I understand why these values work for my adapters. Yes plural I have two, both branded differently, one Comfast the other 'non-branded'.
  12. Thanks a lot for your input! I had already performed the update and the install, I just wasn't able to get the json content right. Yours didn't seem to work, but then... one sometimes needs to reboot and voila wlan3 is there. As the message you provided is already in the original usb-mode.json, I ended up with only adding a device: "0e8d:2870": { "*": { "t_vendor": 3725, "t_product": [ 10352 ], "mode": "StandardEject", "msg": [ 2 ] } }, Using the original could prove helpful when attaching new devices that are already in there, otherwise I think it is wise to put no more in it then needed, from the point of required space space and processing time.
  13. Basically and put very simple it needs to switch from 0e8d:2780 to 0e8d:7612. My Kali installation on a laptop does this without any issue and shows wwan1 being a MT7612U device.
  14. Does anyone have some experience with "usb-modeswitching" Mediatek USB Wifi devices from usb-storagemode (CD-ROM) to WLAN? The 1.1.0 beta firmware does support usbmode, but I wonder if this is a configuration that has a chance of succeeding,
  15. Ah great, nut sure if I want to run the beta yet, but do need the modeswitch. Dilemma ;-).
  16. Just a note on the EDUP adapters (EP-AC1605). I used to have two of those that broke down very quick. Basically the port on the adapter is somewhat fragile and it comes loose from the board quite easily.
  17. I was able to setup mine within 15 minutes or so. Screwed on the antennas, plugged in a power supply, turned it on, waited for the led to turn blue (continuously), connected to the Pinexx_#### SSID. Then browsed to the ip mentioned. It did not accept my Wifi password as it was too long so used the '4 seconds' option with AP on. Then uploaded a firmware binary that I had already downloaded a few day ago from disk. Then boot, wait,wait, reconnect to the AP, continue setup. No issues what so ever. After that I connected a USB Ethernet adapter to the USB port and that worked immediately. Later I was able to connect the MK7 to the internet as a client to my WiFi AP using the long password, Basically all this was documented
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