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  1. I solve the first problem but now after one session of evil portable if I start an other they dont redirect to the pishing page i have to delete module and re-install it
  2. you sell a beta product 100$ maybe you can finish and debug it before
  3. maybe you can finish your product before sell it opensource is not magic
  4. i see this post, I have the same issue I
  5. I use kleo's portal, home made portal, other portal i found on the web, i cant active any portal i try to create one from the pine apple interface ans that dont work too
  6. I reboot the markVII, I have testing on 1.02 and 1.1 version don't work, i cant active any portal ( sorry for bad inglish )
  7. hello hackfive community i need your help, I make some portal page but cant active page in the module page, I have delete the module ans re-install , update pineapple but that dont want to work :( https://imgur.com/a/5uwQVKf
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