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  1. OK, have identified the issue. When I tested on linux, my power adapter for the Crab wasn't providing enough amps/wattage. Thanks. /Close
  2. My crab goes green, then blue... Then the LED turns off after a few seconds (5s). The video output is being forwarded to the monitor, but no loot. Default config.
  3. So, I tested my Screen Crab and it transmits video to monitor from both laptops (windows and Ubuntu Linux)... However, loot is only being captured for the windows 10 laptop. My ubuntu gets no loot. Do you know why this is? Is it to do with the SDHC card format?
  4. Thanks plenty, Hak5 Ninja, Chrizree.
  5. Just use skype for web. web.skype.com, on chrome. You can use skype as normal. It works well actually. Another way is to potentially emulate Skype's windows binary (.exe) using Wine... Wine is a big software, so it's probably on your approved list of software. Let me know if either of these two solutions work!
  6. Are there ways in software / operating systems, eg. checking uevents in linux to identify that a screen crab sits in the middle of a "laptop <--> s_crab <--> monitor" set up? Also, microsd SDHC should be fine, right?
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