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  1. Yes, I agree, but initially there were problems with the USB drive out of the box, it was not detected in any way and the flashing by all known methods did not give results, so I decided to go with this method, but something went wrong ...)
  2. All I did was to remove the flash, erase it and uploaded the file squirrel-factory.bin there and put the flash in place, after that the download does not occur, the indication on the PS all 3 LEDs are on, pressing the button for 3-5 seconds also does not give a response, maybe the problem is with the firmware itself, it is not suitable for this flash, you need a special bootloader.
  3. Hello everyone, as it was a long time ago there was a problem with the PS did not see the USB disk, the flashing did not help and then suddenly I decided to reflash using the programmer, but something went wrong, now when you turn on all the LEDs are on and there is no reaction, you can tell me something like that to revive it is very insulting.
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