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  1. I have a Pro cloud instance of c2 setup, I have 3 Mk7's performing running in recon mode, each deployed to different sites. All of these devices stop connecting to my c2 instance after around 30-45 minutes. I've had to create a cron task on each to run C2CONNECT once an hour so that I can see them as online from c2. It seems that the daemon responsible for check-in must be crashing but I have no idea where to look for log files for further diagnostics. When a device has lost its connection, I can still shell into it, and I can manually ssh to my c2 controller so I know its not IDS/DNS or other network issue. Once I issue a C2CONNECT, I immediately see it in my control panel. My C2 instance uses a wildcard certificate and https, I had some initial trouble with TLS setup on the controller (missing intermediate cert) but the controller itself is rock solid, uptime of > 30 days, it really seems like the Mk7, but I'm open to ideas, especially turning on additional logging on either side. Darren and company, I have a MKV and used to play around with aircrack-ng on a laptop many years ago. I am blown away by how good the C2 interface is, and how much easier it is for a person with mediocre Wifi pentesting skills such as myself to accomplish the common tasks built into PineAP and recon. I have a FULL plate of other security concerns that i'm addressing (professionally) on a daily basis, it is nice to have a smooth, GUI based tool that I can use for the (so far) light-duty tasks I'm using the MK7 for. The price is incredibly reasonable for the hardware you deliver. I'm looking forward to the 5Ghz module.
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