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  1. press the button harder then you would press for a re-count of the USA elections
  2. I agree its a difficult system to setup and I support your rant for this issue -- my issue I had to press the everliving shit out of that button. /24 is 99% of the time used and yes the documentation is less then awesome y'all should put up a wiki and let customers fix this for you
  3. either the button sucks or the de-bounce code or something for detecting buttons press or the solder pad sucks? anyway I switched to a windows machine to do the setup and I really smashed the button hard and well something new happened and I can continue the setup now!
  4. I have the same issue, I was told it will be 30% fee to RMA and destroy the unit..
  5. so pressing it till it makes a "click" is or is not good? I pressed it till it clicked, now what.
  6. never gets past this step With the reset button held, connect a USB cable between your computer and the USB-C port on the WiFi Pineapple.
  7. not sure that will do much? the device is just stuck on the activation steps will this get past that. I got this thing to see if it was worth using professionally and I have given up, I should have read the documentation on this and these forms before grabbing one.
  8. via a raspberry pi brick at 3+ amp? I also plug it into my usb C and it seems to boot up wifi shows up? I mean.. unless this is part of some hacking social exercise? I tried zinc and copper plates but this isn't a REAL pineapple 🙂
  9. I can hold the button and power it on and nothing blinks anything but blue...
  10. dont worry about it as far as I can tell this isn't working with the new firmware that bricks the units?
  11. mine dont work either -- is this a huge scam or just shitty firmware at the 7th version?
  12. same issue I just got this and it dont work at all what hack is this?
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