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  1. It's been more than 4 months of getting this gift from Microsoft and I haven't accessed pineapple dashboard till now bcz every time I get stuck somewhere! Previously during initial setup by holding the reset button for 4 second was not working so I finished my setup through USB flashing. But again this time the password I set in config.txt, and when I try to login in web interface through the username: root & password: 0xKaran_ it says "invalid credentials". Wifi AP 0xKaran is showing but again password is not working there too. My config.txt file: I tried reseting it following this method but not working, it is again & again prompting me for the login credentials --> https://modemly.com/Hak5-WiFI-Pineapple-router-setup#reset & https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360055166053-Firmware-Recovery I'm able to access this page but not this Also clear my doubt, What is this Hostname?
  2. @Foxtrot yes, I tried all possible ways and correctly pressed the button but it is not working... So I'll go through another method i.e. through ethernet cable... I'm currently busy these days but soon buy usb to ethernet cable and test through that... hope that would work
  3. Hey, I'm following user manual guide as well as youtube video but I get stuck at very starting point. =========================================================================== I booted up my wifi pineapple mark 7 Connected my device (Android & Laptop) with it's AP Open web portal at I have 2 options to proceed: 1:"Quickly Press" & 2: "Hold for 4 seconds" I'm holding reset button for 4 seconds but nothing happened. Thought this may be my phone problem so I opened this portal on my laptop (windows 10 running) I tried proceeding with multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge one-by-one but nothing happened. I opened portal on all device, all browsers at same time but still nothing happened It is not redirecting me to firmware installation page. ============================================================================= I thought this might be Pineapple's reset button problem So I pressed it quickly and it's Wifi AP lost, which means reset button is also working ============================================================================= So where I'm getting stuck, help me!
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