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  1. i did and it didn't help, also switch 2 doesn't run any payloads (both SD and internal storage). In the future you guys need a better QA team.
  2. Oh! just checked both, when i'm using the internal storage it is working correctly, but SD it is not. SD version just turns green once then goes dark for mostly all payloads so far. Should i do something different in the code when using an SD card?
  3. I haven't tried all the payloads but so far most of the exfiltration, execution, and exploitation payloads the led just turns green once then goes dark. I read the documentation for the LEDs on the hak5 site and tried to change them myself, but it still goes green once then goes dark. Also i didn't see a new firmware for the mark 2 so i left it with the stock one it came with. The payloads are working as intended, but the LED isn't changing.
  4. 1. I've read the docs but nothing worked. 2. I tried reading some of the other posts here about getting it to work, still nothing. 3. I tried the different encoders, as well as compiling it myself with java, still nothing. 4. I tried 5 different computers from Windows, Linux and Mac, none worked. All it does is blink red. This product doesn't work, or at least doesn't work anymore on newer computers...
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