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  1. Correct, and the fact I'm clueless but the situation help me work out a few things.
  2. Hi Foxtrot, I appreciate the reply. I actually did follow the procedure including pressing the button. After much trying to no end, I managed to work it out using a Windows machine instead of my normal Mac. It required a firmware recovery that would not work on the Mac but works perfectly now. Cheers for the reply.
  3. Hi All, I got a Wifi Pineapple tactical last week and had some problems with the initial setup. I followed the procedure to update it with no issues but I had some problem connecting to the network and after I did and got on the setup page it just went for ages spinning on the verify your device part from memory (hour plus). This was on a Mac. In the end I had to come back to it but while it lights up normally but does nothing and goes to the firmware recovery stage (as in red light) when pressing the reset but when powering up but it does not display a WIFI network or will it connect to a Mac, linux or windows, meaning I cannot do a firmware recovery. I am waiting on support to get back to me but I was wondering on any ideas on moving this forward. Cheers
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