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  1. Yeah, I tried connecting the Mk7 to an alternative power source, not the PC and it still didn't work... When connecting with WIFI. Tried pressing extra hard down on the button as well.
  2. Thank you. Sorry, I should have specified that it doesn't matter which way I choose, I can never get it passed the "awaiting verification" stage of the setup. The Pineapple does require power, and it receives such power from the USB-C port, so I always have it connected to my laptop, just for power. Then I connect via wifi.
  3. Hello there. I didn't want to have to ask about this here but after researching online and finding nothing I've decided to. My problem is that every time I connect my Wifi Pineapple VII over usb to my Windows or Kali machine, and log into the Pineapple_XXXX network (or don't) and go to the portal requires that I "Begin Setup". Every time. It does not save the configuration. The biggest problem is that for some reason at the first stage of setup "Verify your Device" neither of the options work for me. Clicking the button on the front of the device once or holding it for 4+ seconds, results in nothing. Even after waiting for multiple hours, the button on the 172... portal still reads "Awaiting verification" Please help! It only worked once, the very first time used it and since then I am met with this problem. Thanks.
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