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  1. Airodump-ng doesnt display in the webshell but works fine in ssh and when i ssh into the pineapple and run airodump-ng wlan1mon i can see access points and clients just fine. Its only in the web interface i see no access points
  2. almost every time i do a recon scan im not showing any access points but i can see clients and out of range clients, i tried reinstalling the firmware same problem. I also try with an external usb wifi(TL-WN722N v1) and same problem.
  3. I would suggest stay away from this chipset if you haven't already bought it, it's given me it's share of problems. I couldn't get packet injection working with that driver, this isn't a new issue with this chipset and it looks like the aircrack driver has been abandoned for ~6 months. Not surprisingly I haven't seen any package for the 8814au chipset in the opkg repository for the wp-m7. Theres only one driver that is working pretty well for me in Kali https://github.com/morrownr/8814au and this driver has a nice config file that allows for usb modeswitch to usb 2.0 for your WP m7. the problem I had was with installing some of the dependencies & are not in the opkg repos either and I don't really plan on messing with it anymore unless someone smarter than me can figure it out
  4. I still can't get this working but alternatively the pineapple-m7 already has a tool installed on it that is pretty close to the same thing--->besside-ng Open up the webshell or ssh into the pineapple and just as an example type the following and hit enter: besside-ng -vv wlan1mon I'd say more but it may be off topic & I don't want to be fixated on besside-ng in this thread & I'll start a topic if there are none. Thanks for reading
  5. I'm using the 1.1.0 Beta and get this error: ./loot-n-scoot.sh: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token `newline' ./loot-n-scoot.sh: line 7: `<!DOCTYPE html>' Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Maybe try disabling pineap first, wlan0 is the rogue access point interface i believe...and here's what i do: ifconfig wlan0 down iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor ifconfig wlan0 up
  7. I think the Beta is great(as of 5-22-2021) i had it hang on me a few times, but i reinstalled the beta firmware and its working good. I have recon working with 2.4GHz & 5GHz simultaneously on my netgear A6210 wifi dongle its pretty much plug and play. Be aware the dongle might show up as wlan1 or wlan3 in the recon option while its still in managed mode, i make sure the A6210 is in monitor mode every time i plug it in for a recon scan i run: ifconfig wlan3 down && iwconfig wlan3 mode monitor && ifconfig wlan3 up The betas got some other cool features to check out as well
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