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  1. Thanks for the assistance. I've certainly learned a lot about Android working on this, and I had no idea what package to start out with. I was able to get the FFmpeg onto the crab and like you said, streaming live video from the screenrecord command has some room for improvement. Other than a really slow feed, another issue is the 180 second max time limit on the Android command. I read that it can be adjusted if your willing to dig through some hex. Overall, there are a lot of adjustments that need to be made if one wants to make a plug and play attack for streaming the HDMI feed. Honestly, after a few hours of tinkering just to get a slow, staggered stream. I'm pretty happy with streamed screenshots over the C2 server.
  2. Can you post some information on how you got ffmpeg onto the crab?
  3. So I decided to take on this project, and I got into the root shell and found out I know very little about Android OS. The crab appears to be running Android 6.0.1, which I've been learning to navigate. I found a link on the documentation from the trac.FFmpeg website to some versions of FFmpeg for Android here. It appears to be possible but, unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in trying to compile these for a myriad of reasons that will likely bore most of you. The OS on the screen crab only has one package installer that I have been able to find: busybox wget URL But I was unable to get it to recognize any hosts other than IP addresses which made things difficult. Trying to us apt led to the simple output of command not found. I am currently at a block, largely due to my unfamiliarity with the OS and shell, but I will update if I am able to make any headway as I continue to try to set up streaming on the crab. Has anyone had success on this project as of yet?
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