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  1. PineAP Daemon: Disabled Notice: In order to use Recon, PineAP must first be enabled. recon Not available。 ![](https://ftp.bmp.ovh/imgs/2021/05/619f8437333f811b.png) ![](https://ftp.bmp.ovh/imgs/2021/05/3f8d010f48f63d20.png)
  2. Me too, I can’t use PineAP
  3. uboot flashed in the WiFi Pineapple NANO Recovery Firmware to return to normal.
  4. My wifipineapple naon can't enter the system after manually (flashing in by uboot ) to the rom (2.4.0-2.7.0). The open ports are only 53, 80, and 1471 is not enabled. what do I do!!!
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