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  1. Why is SSLSTRIP EXEMPTED please? that is like the most famous module of the WiFi pineapple in recent times. Hak5 has a great community but when people start asking question and making suggestions, it is only right to provide a proper and more convincing resolutions. Like the numerous inquiry on sslstrip which was exempted form the MK7. Till date questions keep pouring in because of the exemption, why don’t hak5 have a rethink and add this to the Mk7 modules and other few to it’s list of modules.
  2. Hi everyone, it is actually disappointing not having modules as advertised before getting my pineapple. Darren if you can please come up with solution regarding the previous modules like SSLsplit and other famous modules to be included in the Mk7 is will be very much appreciated as this makes the WiFi pineapple standout. Pineapple has gone very far is its been used for education purposes in several continents. Even if the modules are obsolete, knowledge of how they worked will go a long way in educating future pen testers. Regards.
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