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  1. You are the one who is doing this to me and I’m to believe your name is listed above !!!!!
  2. I do like Tech and that’s what everyone tells me that I need to do is go back go an analog device. But I’m to believe that I should not have use one of those devices due to that I have never done one thing wrong to no one that I’m aware of. But I’m most definitely being targeted ! I take that back to me doing nothing wrong to know one I used to sell the Apple product and I Have around 8-9 thousand I Phones on my I cloud accounts to where I used to do something with There devices and de sell them. They did not like this at all. I’m banned from every Apple retail store and I know when they try t
  3. Sure they do,(?? Chris they are all scum bags Just like Apple Inc and The others that I Had mentioned. I was thinking and I have moved over to Android. But if you ever read Apples legal and Software terms and conditions they are In with everyone. So there’s no getting out of this chris. Thanks for doing this to my life. You will regret this one these day here Shortly !!!!
  4. This site will not allow me to upload photos for my proof if you know how let me know and I will provide them to you!!!
  5. Hello thanks for allowing me to know that you And they are going to End up liking me. I do appreciate this very much. Now that you and Them (Apple inc.) have been trying to terrorize my life and steal all my money and I’m to know you want me up in a puddle of shit. Well, you want to know what I am moving and I’m also to know that you and (Apple Inc) already know Where I’m moving to. Considering you have put all these shady realtors on me and making my life one of the shadiest lives out there. Not by my doing’s but by yours and Apple Inc doing’s to me. I have proof and hard evidence that this i
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