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  1. how do I remove the bash bunny password and user name it says the user name is root and the password is hak5bunny I tried just deleting it off of the notes but it didn't work and the reason I want to remove it is because when I go to sign in to the dedicated serial console it lets me use the username which is root but then it freezes up and I can't sign in with the password then the time limit runs out and it starts all over again I just want to remove the username and password completely so that I don't have to deal with it would I have to remove it from the firmware or something?
  2. so I'm having trouble with my bash bunny when I go to use the serial console it says enter in the user name which is root but when I enter in the user name it freezes and wont let me enter in the password for the account it all on the default account settings too and I cant figure out how to change the password or take out the username and hostname so that I'm just prompted to use the password since I can only enter in one thing can someone give me some advice.
  3. I'm extremely confused because the dump creds said to put the power she'll script on the root of the bunny but I thought it's had to be on the switch which on is it I could use some help and some advice I'm new to this not a developer just a script kiddy I'm just now getting into developing
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