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  1. you are correct. I did not think of that.
  2. I'm new to Hak5 forums. I see i am a newbie, and some people are pirates and some are dedicated members. I was unable to find a list of all the available 'ranks' if I'm even saying it correctly. Also how does one obtain a different rank.
  3. Obviously, the website says coming soon. But I have seen many videos of this thing like 2 years ago. Does development just take long, or am i missing something?
  4. By interface, do you mean that the user would select either the built in antennas or the adapter?
  5. what does this module allow the wifi pineapple to do. Based on this post, it seems that it will allow 5ghz to work with the wifi pineapple, but the description says, 'Add dual-band 802.11ac monitor and injection capabilities to the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII with the forthcoming MK7AC module, or a compatible adapter.' is the dual band the original 2.4, + the 5ghz with the adapter. Also, will the compatible adapters do the same? If not what's the difference?
  6. Issue reseloved. 512mb of ram isnt enough I have upgraded to 1gb and this works
  7. wget https://c2.hak5.org/dl -q -O c2.zip && unzip -qq c2.zip && \ IP=$(curl -s https://checkip.amazonaws.com) && \ echo "Copy the below setup token and browse to http://$IP:8080" && \ ./c2-*_amd64_linux -hostname $IP That's the command After further testing, i got the original code to work with /dl somehow. Now i have the files on the server. I was able to unzip them. so i removed these steps from the code(i already did them) New code: IP=$(curl -s https://checkip.amazonaws.com) && \ echo "Copy the below setup token and browse to http://
  8. followed this tutorial: I made the server exactly as he said on amazons website. on the terminal i pasted the code, and got a unzip error. realized the code in the description had a /dl instead of a /com after Hak5.org. changed that. Still doesnt work. New error code: [!] Error creating database open c2.db: permission denied Any help?
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