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  1. hi, this script i used. I got it from davidbombal/hak5 I also twinflashed the Ducky? maybe that was wrong? Im sorry im a bit new in all this , i understand allot but not everything. What happend after the flash, my ducky opening just like a normal usb with a bin file. REM Script 1: REM ========= REM ~~ | Open Notepad and write something: DELAY 1000 GUI r DELAY 100 STRING notepad.exe ENT
  2. Hi, thnx for this. I just made a new script with a youtube video, just a simpel script to open a notepad and write something. Now when i put my Rubberduck inside it flash red and green, whats wrong now? It does more than befor... but no notepad comes up.
  3. ok i ised JS duck on a new SD. I use the wifi script and JS duck give me the green, so the script was ok. On my SD card in the Rubber Ducky nothing happend. Here the script, and also i had the webhooksite online /* Following payload will grab saved Wifi password and will send them to your hosted webhook and hide the cmd windows by using technique mentioned in hak5darren rubberducky wiki -- Payload hide cmd window [https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Payload---hide-cmd-window] */ #include "DigiKeyboard.h" #define KEY_DOWN 0x51 // Key
  4. i tryed a few sd cards. and format them to fat, with the tool SD card formater. Also when i make a easy script with rubberduckytoolkit.com nothing happend, and still red flashlight.
  5. YEAH I FORMAT the sd card, it was a sdcard that Hak5 sended with the ducky also. so i raely dont know what to do
  6. Btw, when i open the test.bin from the hak5 i see this in notepad ++ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ Ã
  7. Hi all Im brand new here and have placed a order and received my Rubber Ducky from Hak5. No i try to let it work but if i place a Bin file on my SD it dont work. Also i tryd the Help page from here, with the test .bin but even than the ducky dont do anything. Red light still on and no action. Can some one help me a bit on this ? Great thnx and Greets
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