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  1. On 4/28/2021 at 5:25 PM, Jay42 said:

    we DESPERATLY need SSLstrip ported to the new mk7 or something of the like.... httpeek is great and all but its useless against https which sslsplit can downgrade to http so we can see all the fun loot 🙂 current mk7 is just about pointless without baked in 5ghz support and no ability to read https traffic 😕


    Just wondered if youd tried doing any SSL Stripping recently? (not talking about using a WiFi pineapple to do this)

    If you initiate a man in the middle attack and attempt SSL Stripping, most devices know that this is being done and wont let you connect. If you have a device with nethunter on its really easy to do a MITM with SSL stripping on your own WiFi network then try going to a site as simple as google and a big red warning page comes up to tell you whats happening and it wont let you progress. 

    On a lot of pages they use HSTS cookies that force an SSL connection if you've visited before. You can sometimes get lucky if the user hasn't visited the site before or the HSTS cookie has expired, but chances are if you perform a MITM attack, its their commonly visited sites youd be most interested in i.e google, social media etc.

    In a real world application, say the Mk7 had SSL strip module, if you turned it on and the target tried to visit a page and gets the warning, they immediately know somethings wrong, disconnect and you've just advertised your in that network. 

    With HTTPeek your quieter, your not advertising your there, yes the information you get is less, but its better to get something than nothing at all and not be noticed

  2. Hi,


    For Handshakes, when your on the recon pane where it shows all your networks, at the top of this pane you should see an option for handshakes. Any captured handshakes can be found on that page.

    As for the grayed out authentication button, when your looking at the network on recon, does it show that AP having any associated clients? 

    Is the deauth button the only button that's grayed out or is Add all clients to filter? If its both that are grayed out its probably because there aren't any clients associated with the AP.

    Hope this helps  

  3. 9 hours ago, Deuce022 said:

    Do you know if its gonna be a plug and play or are we going to have to configure  it like we did on the one alfa card?

    From reading the tweet that Darren did, It looks like its going to be plug and play because the firmware update he referenced there will be an option to select an interface. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, chrizree said:

    Activating (or de-activating) PineAP shouldn't affect the management SSID/AP

    On mine it does, if i connect through wifi then putting PineAP in passive mode its absolutely fine, when i set it into active mode, it doesnt connect through wifi anymore. It doesn't really bother me though because i use a wired connection with it most of the time and never have an issue with it that way. 

    To be fair though, since i've used the 5Ghz wifi adapter, it hadn't done it so its maybe something in one of my config files where its trying to use same radio when i switch it to active.

  5. When you had it set up and working, did you change to active in the PineAP section? 

    I had a bit of an issue when sometimes i set this to active i couldn't connect to the SSID's but plugging USB cable in it worked perfectly.

  6. 3 hours ago, robbo1979 said:

    must add ive tired the setup linked to wifi on my pc, and also on my mobile. same issue


    Have you tried plugging this into your computer via USB and completing the setup that way without connecting via WiFi? 

    Not sure if you've tried this or not so apologies if you have

  7. Hi, 


    While I was looking how to enable my 5Ghz adapter on my WiFi Pineapple, i came across some posts asking for a video on it, 

    I haven't done a video but while i was doing mine i did write a blog post with a step by step along with a quicker way to switch between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. 

    I hope it helps if you've just got your adapter and looking for how to get it working. 


    Blog Post


    Hope it helps!


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  8. So, i read this post while waiting for my own Pineapple to be delivered and got this today.

    I do love the product and once you look at the modules that are actually available, you'll find you've got the capability to do a lot of the things you've seen in videos on channels like modern rogue. 

    But, if there isn't one that does what you need to, make it and publish it! 

    The shell also works amazingly well so don't forget to play about with this and learn it!!

    The only issue i had, was with wifi setup.... I tried to do this through my phone and tablet, when it said to press the button for 4 seconds to continue with the radios enabled i did that but it disconnected me straight away and turned the radios off. To get around it, i just plugged USB C cable into my laptop and it worked fine.

    If you've got a pineapple and think its a brick..... learn more about it, play with it and you'll learn so much about what it can do!

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