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  1. Honestly; with the research I've done; I've opened up a can of duckys here 😄 But, I just use the Ducktoolkit website; select English and go. I've ordered all mine from Hak5 Shop, put my inject.bin file on it and go... Other than that, I don't know much else on these things. As far as F12; I can't get it to do anything at this point... I tried ALT F12 but failed and I went off to do more research.
  2. Hey All -- I've been using the Rubber Duckys now for 3 years or so with Chromebook Enrollments... I've had no issues with them and been able to get them up and running. Couple weeks ago; I started using them to help prep laptops and desktops pcs (Setting up the BIOS and such -- I've been able to get everything done within that and works great; I just need one last step that I can't figure out... BIOS is setup, exits and I would like for it to press F12 to bring up the boot menu in order to select USB. Anyone have any thoughts or insights on this?
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