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  1. cany anyone help?? shit I even messaged support and still have not received a responding message from either email or fprum post? I am new to hak5 but i think of the forum members and as well as actual tech staff completely differently now as opposed to before....disappointed
  2. I purchased my VII and for the first few months everything was running with out a hitch. I loved this thing. Now its a headache to me and idk why i cannot figure this out. about two months ago I had a small hiatus from using my pineapple and i forgot my login information so my research showed that i would have to preform a hard reset and upload firmware recovery. I completed all steps as followed and was able to re-configure the pineapple again and used it for that weekend. I went through another hiatus until three days ago do to my laptop getting stolen. When i plug the MK7 into a power source it would start up blue blinking then solid blue as always then after a few seconds it just turns off and repeats this process. I then tried to connect via usb c ethernet cable to my computer and i get the same result. it shows up under ethernet connections then just unpluggs itself. So naturally i assumed maybe i need to do another firmeware reset so i attempted one and i got to where i was uploading firmware which completed without a hitch but it just went back to rebooting itself. Now when i try to hold the reset button and plug it it the led blinks red three times and when i let go it turns blue and starts rebooting again!!! please help idk if i need replace or i just need a little extra detailed guidance.
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