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  1. Withe the above working harddisk, updated to the latest firmware -- v2.5.2 from 29 June 2017 -- and some tricks to make it better compressible I have now a 710 MiB download including checksums and readme.txt on how to create your own harddisk with a capacity starting from 20 GB and larger. I'm not sure what the upper limit is, the software on the Canon is pretty old. So I assume 2 TB or less should work, everything above could be troublesome... Now that I've created an working procedure and have images for the original version 1.1.2 and the above 2.5.2 this one is going back into the arch
  2. The complete disk is 1 TB and almost impossible toe share. Therefor I started an investigation on being smarter. Some people in this thread say that they have cloned it to a smaller harddisk. However I don't see any procedure. Canon uses a very old DOS partition scheme. It has 3 primary partitions and an extended partition on CHS boundaries. The extended partition contains another four logical ones. The last of these is the data partition and has only a mpeg/DMA/ on it. So my first plan was using an copy of the first 17 GB. That contains all partition information and a very small part on
  3. Sometimes I just want to know if my guess is correct 😏. So I took a 0,8 mm drill to remove the tin and soldered a 0,25" header. I connected pin 3 as RX and used 115.200,8,N,1 and got a bootlog. The harddisk wasn't connected -- I want to create a factory dump because I never turned this device on -- so it panicked and rebooted in the rescue system. An enter gave me a Bash shell, so my guess for the RX is also correct. Here a photo of the serial connection to a CP2102 USB to UART converter. More information (in Dutch, so use Google translate) on my blog.
  4. I'm new to this forum, but I read this thread with great interest. I bought my Canon CS100 almost two years ago because of a possible free NAS for the price of the 2,5" hard disk. However due to moving and other projects, this one disappeared from sight. Because other collected examples -- WD My Cloud, Seagate Personal Cloud and Seagate BlackArmor NAS220 -- are now converted to Debian Buster, I was looking for the next project. Because there are a few great pointers in this thread I decided to hopefully add some things. The first one is finding the serial connection because that was essen
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