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  1. Thanks for this! I have a kid on the way, now. So I have to try, even if they don't act on it. All evil needs to win is for good to do nothing. So, I'll keep trying.
  2. Hello, Recently, my street has been plauged with theives. They drive up, pull car doors, and take stuff. Mostly annoying, but they shot one of my neighbors. Our cameras catch them, but that doesn't help as the cars are reported stolen. The last time, I saw one of them on their phone, and realized those smartphone all broadcast a signal! Here is the question or challenge, how to obtain unique identifiable information from a mobile device without needing them to connect to a network? I suspect we can get information from the phone somehow, but am a novice at this. Is the Pineapple the way to go? I'd love any suggestions or input. I'm still researching, so if I missed a topic about this already, just point me over there. I believe if I can get something that identifies a mobile device, that can be submitted to the police with the videos. Maybe they can find out more. I'd also be able to tell if we have any repeat offenders. Thanks!
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