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  1. I'm not sure if we're all doing something wrong in the forums then, as I posted a pretty thorough explanation of a handshake issue and it hasn't got any response from those folks on the team. I thought it would be best to post in the forums as others are having this issue too it seams, so that we all can learn from whatever the solution is. Is the forums not the best place for technical issues to be raised?
  2. I have been having just about zero luck with capturing handshakes. I have tried with various SSID and leaving it running for hours at a time then disconnecting devices and reconnecting them. The first time I tried I got 2 "half" handshakes (2 out of 4 packets captured), but I haven't got anything since despite multiple tests. No idea what I am doing wrong, I just do a scan, pick an SSID and it's associated AP, then turn on handshake capture. I am testing with SSID I control, so that I can disconnect/reconnect devices for testing. In addition I have tried on busy production wifi networks with similar (none) results. The platform, compared to the previous generation seems quite empty/lacking compared to previous generation which is unfortunate. I had hoped the new gen would have compatibility with the previous modules/functions. Speed on using the pineapple to "man in the middle" between rogue SSID and a working SSID with actual internet access is quite terrible from a performance standpoint. It is really slow, enough that I believe it would be instantly noticed during any red team activity. The lack of AC for WiFi is puzzling and the add-on module is not available either. All of the above is from the context of using the GUI, so maybe that is part of the problem. Reading the forums it appears these issues I am experiencing are the ones many others are experiencing. Can you help?
  3. Devices were quite close to each other, all within 25 feet with only 1 drywall wall in between. I will try letting the pineapple roll longer and see what it comes up with, as all my tests were very "short", just a few minutes before I would turn off the function.
  4. Just got my Mark 7 and got the setup done. I am upgraded to 1.02. I do a 30 second scan and find my test AP SSID. Verify the MAC matches the expected AP. I can see my test client as a child of that AP in the list view as expected. I then turn on Capture Handshake for that AP. Then deauth my test client, which it DOES kick it off properly. The client reconnects. I wait awhile for the handshake to show up in the gui, which says it's a partial. I download the capture and open in wireshark and indeed it says it has 2/4 packets. I have repeated this test several times and get the same thing each time. Any idea what's going on?
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